Stacky Dash MOD APK 4.3 (Unlimited Money)
Stacky Dash MOD APK 4.3 (Unlimited Money)

Stacky Dash MOD APK 4.3 (Unlimited Money)

By HN - 05/05/2023
Name Stacky Dash
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher Supersonic Studios LTD
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 145MB
Version 4.3
Category Action
Get It On MOD Google Play
Price FREE
Update 05/05/2023 (4 weeks ago )

Stacky Dash brings entertaining levels. Designed in a fun action style. Spin around with finger swipes to collect objects. Do not miss any objects to successfully complete the mission. From there, receive rewards corresponding to the achievement score scale. There is a chance to open a treasure chest after reaching excellence. Through it to have the opportunity to explore many new topics. This game though is designed based on the action game category. But bring arcade entertainment. The control mechanism could not be more straightforward. The same mission system is built according to each level of play. Incorporate bright graphics, using lots of vibrant colors. Mix in fun sound effects to keep everyone entertained.

Download Stacky Dash – Character Control Collecting Objects

The gameplay of Stacky Dash is quite simple. But highly addictive. The content is not too complicated, keeping people interested. Here, the task system is held at each level. With difficulty in ascending order every time a new challenge is started. Each level recreates a level of collecting objects. They are arranged in the form of a maze. You need to control the character to move to accumulate. Try not to miss any objects to complete the mission. After entering a new level, the map will be changed. The complexity in the form of a maze will make it difficult. But the number of objects collected will be larger than before. Especially get a lot of bonuses after achieving excellent results. Get a chance to experience the new theme of object collection.Stacky Dash

The gameplay takes place, achievements

The process of playing levels in Stacky Dash. The task will be simulated in a sequence. Starting from the starting line, perform touch and swipe actions to control the character. Based on the number of objects collected, the height will increase. At the same time, the character will stand on it until reaching the finish line. All previously accumulated objects will automatically fall according to the achievement scale. The target is the treasure chest in the last position. When the character touches the chest, it will be unlocked to receive the maximum bonus amount of the participating level. On the contrary, still receive bonuses, but not much. You can then continue the quest to move on to a new level. Overcome each challenge in turn and demonstrate individual skills.Game Stacky Dash

Many new themes, objects

Through activities in Stacky Dash. There will be opportunities to explore a variety of topics. Shown through the maze of each level. The complexity of the terrain, makes you move in many ways. Along with that are the objects to collect. They will be changed upon reaching a certain stage. For example, square wooden plank, round C shape, or colorful. There are some other types of objects that will be experienced after passing each level in turn. They can only make you feel more enjoyable. Change to bring novelty. But skill is still the deciding factor for the outcome. So it is necessary to observe the terrain with the arrangement of objects. Control the character to move to solve the maze puzzle. Collect all and proceed to the finish line to complete the mission.Stacky Dash

Unlock new characters

Go through the levels in the game Stacky Dash. Over time will accumulate a large number of bonuses. From there it is possible to perform trading operations. Helps you unlock many new features to dig deeper into the content. Here, the game offers a diverse character system. For example stickman dummy, clown, beautiful girl, office woman. Some other characters will be unlocked after joining. The difference between them is reflected in their appearance. For example dress, body color, and avatar image. The amount to unlock new characters will not be the same depending on the gameplay with the desire to control your favorite character. You can accumulate enough coins and open them.Download Stacky Dash

Bringing a fun experience to the game Stacky Dash. The graphics of the game will be recreated in a unique way. Shown through the surroundings of the maze. Will vary from level to level, with differences in terrain. As well as topics about object-collecting activities. This will keep you from getting bored. Along with that are funny sound effects. Incorporate background music that plays during playtime.

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