Stick Fight – Prison Escape Mod Hack APK 0.5.4 (Immortal)
Stick Fight – Prison Escape Mod Hack APK 0.5.4 (Immortal)

Stick Fight – Prison Escape Mod Hack APK 0.5.4 (Immortal)

By HN - 17/10/2022
Name LMHMOD Stick Fight – Prison Escape
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher MGIF
MOD Features Immortal
Size 77MB
Version 0.5.4
Category Action
Get It On MOD Google Play
Price FREE
Update 17/10/2022 (5 months ago )

Join the journey in Stick Fight – Prison Escape Mod. Revolving around prison escape to find freedom. Through the quest to accompany the stickman character. A series of obstacles and challenges await ahead. Just one small mistake can put you in danger. Even at the cost of life in prison. Only then will you have the opportunity to be free and live your life without being ruled. This game is one of MGIF’s prison escape titles. With content designed based on action themes. When participating will bring tough puzzles according to each team level. Along with that is the unique 2D platformer graphics. Combine sharp picture quality and fun. Promises fun, along with a fun experience for everyone.

Download Stick Fight – Prison Escape Mod – Fight And Overcome Dangerous Traps To Escape From Prison

Similar to other games in MGIF’s prison escape series. Game Stick Fight – Prison Escape Mod opens a journey in search of freedom. Although the theme is still built the same as the other versions. But the content will be designed in its own style. Make a difference to help everyone who joins have a fresh experience. Here, the game is a combination of action and terrain. Through the adventure will have to fight with the prison guards. Even have to fight the boss in a 1vs1 match. At the same time, you also have to overcome obstacles to conquer difficult terrain. More interesting when the stickman character will have an animal following. However, it cannot support or interfere with the prison escape journey. But it will make you feel better.Stick Fight – Prison Escape Mod

Simple control system

Follow the instructions from the introduction of the game Stick Fight – Prison Escape Mod. The control mechanism is very simple, use the arrow keys. From there it is possible to perform moves and attacks of stickman characters. The left corner of the screen shows left and right arrows. Touching and holding will help the character move forward or backward. Likewise, an up arrow is displayed in the right corner of the screen. After use will perform the action of jumping to overcome the terrain. Combine them together flexibly. Use in accordance with each situation and standing terrain. From there it will be easy to proceed to the final destination. Besides, the symbol of two X-shaped swords is used for combat. Then the character will use the equipped weapon to attack the enemy.Game Stick Fight – Prison Escape Mod

Thousands of levels, challenging gradually

Constantly changing challenges to test players’ skills. The game Stick Fight – Prison Escape Mod has thousands of different levels. Your task is to help the stickman successfully reach the gate. It is located at the end of an area. Through moving operations to overcome dangerous traps. Simultaneously attack to defeat enemies along the way, and collect golden keys. Destroy the prison guards with the equipped weapons. Repeat this until you pass the test safely. After going through the gate will complete the quest. Means can continue to start a new level. Along with that, the reward received after the end includes gold coins. The amount of money will correspond to the achievement achieved during the escape, as well as the difficulty of the challenge.Tai Stick Fight – Prison Escape Mod

Traps, obstacles, and bosses

The prison escape process takes place in the levels of Stick Fight – Prison Escape Mod. Will face a lot of dangerous traps. For example sharp spikes traps, spinning saw blades, and much more. Along with a lot of obstacles, there are enemies that stand in the way. For examples, flying bomb-mounted robots, ground-moving robots, laser-shooting robots, and many more. The difference between them is expressed through their own blocking style. As well as the design of the style, and the way to cause obstruction. Moreover, when reaching a certain level will have to participate in a 1vs1 match. Facing the boss, there are prison guards shaped in the form of spiders. Each boss type will have its own attack style. Possesses outstanding ability and strength. It is necessary to choose the right time when they are stunned to be able to deal with the damage.Download Stick Fight – Prison Escape Mod

Stickman characters in Stick Fight – Prison Escape Mod can use many types of weapons. Typical are sharp swords, pens, staffs, pinwheels, carrots, … and many others. Each weapon is designed impressively and uniquely. Bring your own outstanding style when equipping the character. Can attack to deal damage, and destroy enemies in the way. Not only that, from collecting gold coins on the prison escape journey. Will unlock additional items to customize the character. Change in appearance to become more prominent.

Download Stick Fight – Prison Escape Hack APK 0.5.4 Android

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