Stickman Master 2 {{version}} APK MOD (Menu, Unlimited money and gems diamonds, free shopping)
Stickman Master 2 {{version}} APK MOD (Menu, Unlimited money and gems diamonds, free shopping)

Stickman Master 2 3.7.539.202345315 APK MOD (Menu, Unlimited money and gems diamonds, free shopping)

By The Toan - 28/02/2024 (17 mins ago) - 104MB
Name Stickman Master 2
Updated On 28/02/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Loongcheer Game
Size 104MB
Version 3.7.539.202345315
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited money and gems diamonds, free shopping
Update 28/02/2024 (17 mins ago )

Stickman Master 2 is an action RPG game with stickman style. It brings the classic colors and story back again with many new features. Join the game, you will enter its story in the main role – the hero Stickman Master. Your mission is to destroy monsters from darkness and protect human peace. The combat mechanism is built on coordinate alignment skills. So you must be a hero with good math knowledge. Aim precisely and destroy the enemy with the tip of your spear. Moreover, upgrade your hero to gain an advantage in this long war.

Download Stickman Master 2 – Legendary stickman hero’s battle

The story of the game takes place in a legendary fantasy world. In this world, stickman heroes are peacekeepers of mankind. Hundreds of years ago, they successfully drove out the Black Dragon and imprisoned it in hell. After that, the Stickman Master stored his power in crystals. However, more than 100 years later, the demons stole the crystals and reincarnated the Black Dragon again. So Stickman Master is summoned back to join the new war. Join the game, you will be transformed into this legendary hero. And your battle journey officially begins here.


Simple, addictive action mechanism

Your journey will take place through hundreds of typical levels in Normal mode. In each level, you must destroy all shadow enemies to advance to a new challenge. After a certain number of challenges, you will encounter a boss. The end of the boss war is the beginning of a new level with higher-level battles. Just like that, you will have the opportunity to go through the entire content according to the game plot. And you will witness the hero’s great progress through each battle. In addition, the game also has a Hero mode. It will help you explore other aspects of the story. Finally, in Endless mode, you will participate in a never-ending battle journey. The further you go, the longer you survive and the higher the achievement.

Either way, you only need to adhere to a single mechanism of action – aiming at coordinates. Accordingly, you just need to touch and hold on to the screen to navigate and release to throw the weapon at the target. In addition, to defend with a shield, you just need to touch the position in front of the hero. Basically, the gameplay of the game is not difficult. However, to gain an advantage in the fight of Stickman Master 2, you need to ensure the following factors:

Precise aiming: The most important condition for achieving combat effectiveness is accuracy in the navigation phase. You need to aim and do this quickly before being attacked back. In a multi-target battle, prioritize the nearest enemies.

Choose the right upgrade: After each fight, the game will give you 3 upgrade options. It can be damage boost, heal, slow, or multiple shot. You need to choose the most appropriate upgrade based on the battlefield situation.


Upgrade your hero

The challenges will get harder and harder and that’s why you have to upgrade stickman hero. To upgrade, you need to add the necessary equipment including weapons, shields, hats, and armor. Besides, you need to upgrade the level of this equipment over time. This will help the hero improve resistance, damage, and other important attributes. So how to collect equipment? You can buy them at the shop or open a chest of winning items. Some rare equipment will require you to pay for diamonds and gems instead of gold coins. For unlimited shopping, you should download the version of the game.


Beautiful and classic 2D design

This game is designed with classic but impressive 2D graphics. It brings a beautiful battlefield scene with harmonious colors. Besides, the combat environment will change flexibly through battles, bringing a real sense of adventure. In particular, the character system is designed to be simple but creative. The image of the stickman hero is getting better and better when equipped with more armor. In addition, the Boss system is equally diverse. It includes normal stickmen, mutant plants, black dragons, fire dragons, and more. Each character has vivid combat effects, making the battlefield explosive.

That’s why you shouldn’t miss Stickman Master 2. Let’s download the game, enter the battlefield and show your talent. Just touch the screen to fight, but things are not as easy as you think. You need to show your agility and sophistication to win the enemy. An exciting adventure fighting journey is waiting for you here. Bring armor and powerful weapons to conquer the highest achievement.