Stickman Ragdoll Fighter {{version}} APK MOD (Menu, No Damage, No ADS)
Stickman Ragdoll Fighter {{version}} APK MOD (Menu, No Damage, No ADS)

Stickman Ragdoll Fighter 0.2.28 APK MOD (Menu, No Damage, No ADS)

By The Toan - 20/02/2024 (1 week ago) - 76MB
Name Stickman Ragdoll Fighter
Updated On 20/02/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Size 76MB
Version 0.2.28
MOD Features Menu, No Damage, No ADS
Update 20/02/2024 (1 week ago )

Get ready to participate in stickman battles in Stickman Ragdoll Fighter. The content revolves around the competition between stickman characters. This is a completely free offline game. Build a mission system according to each level of play. With increasing difficulty every time start a new level. Accordingly, your goal is to become the most powerful stickman fighter in the arena. Along with a host of unique features to discover. Simple controls, easy to use to perform actions. Until the beautiful graphics and bright interface. Interspersed with combat actions are recreated very funny. Promises to bring exciting entertainment moments.

Download Ragdoll Fighter – Journey To Be A Strongest Stickman Warrior

Enjoy the simple, yet addictive gameplay of Stickman Ragdoll Fighter. Revolving around a duel between two stickman characters in the ring. Set in a competition school, surrounded by the cheers of a large number of fans. No referee intervention. Follow the rules of competition until there is only one opponent left in the ring. From there, classify winners and losers to receive prizes. Following that will require you to go through a long journey. Overcome many different opponents to prove your skills. However, it should be noted the opponents that will face in the matches. Those are all stickmen controlled by smart Ai. Will automatically improve combat ability after coming to new matches.Game Stickman Ragdoll Fighter

Match by level

Stickman Ragdoll Fighter is an offline game. When participating will enter the matches according to each level. Your mission is to accompany a stickman warrior. Compete with another opponent in the ring to classify winners and losers. Follow the given rules of dramatic competition to find the winner. After defeating stickman opponents controlled by AI. From there will complete the mission and pass the challenge of a level. Based on the difficulty of the participation level and achievements. You will receive a corresponding bonus, which is gold coins. Then will continue the journey to become the most powerful stickman hero.Stickman Ragdoll Fighter

Difficulty increases

To become the strongest stickman fighter in the arena of Stickman Ragdoll Fighter. You will have to go through a lot of matches and need to overcome many opponents. Because the difficulty will increase after each step to a new level. The fighting ability of stickman opponents is superior to before. Attack actions to damage you are shown flexibly. Even equipped with additional weapons and defensive armor. Make the stats increase bigger to attack effectively. This creates tough challenges that make it hard for you to win. Even more interesting when going through a level, the environment will be changed. With a difference in context, the game will have a new perspective.Download Stickman Ragdoll Fighter

Accumulate bonuses and percentage points

Go through the battles in Stickman Ragdoll Fighter. After winning by passing the levels. Will receive a sum of money and accumulate large amounts over time. From there can be used to unlock many pieces of equipment. Help you customize your stickman character with a lot of different parts. Not stopping there, after a pass level will be accumulated certain percentage points. Take turns winning to complete the levels when reaching a stage. Accumulating 100% of the points will unlock a new outfit. From there, it can be used to change the character’s appearance to be more prominent than at the beginning.

Unlock many pieces of equipment to change the appearance

A lot of different parts are provided by Stickman Ragdoll Fighter. Help you customize the character to change the appearance. Including beards, helmets, costumes, shoes, and weapons, there are a few others. Each part has a variety of unique shapes for you to choose from. Besides, they not only help you change the look of stickman warriors. It also strengthens defense and health to increase the survival rate. Can withstand multiple waves of fierce attacks from opponents in more difficult levels.Stickman Ragdoll Fighter

MOD Feature of Ragdoll Fighter

  • MOD Menu
  • Unlimited Money
  • No Ads

In addition to the equipment used to increase stamina and change appearance. Ragdoll Fighter also unlocks many different weapons. For example guns, baseball bats, swords, and more. When equipped with weapons will increase the ability to attack more superior. As well as changing diverse fighting styles to create something new. Because each weapon used will bring a unique attack style. For example, guns will fire from a distance, baseball bats will create strong smashes.