ZOMBIE HUNTER 1.84.0 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of gold, money, ammo, free shopping]
ZOMBIE HUNTER 1.84.0 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of gold, money, ammo, free shopping]

ZOMBIE HUNTER 1.84.0 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of gold, money, ammo, free shopping]

By The Toan - (Period 4 days ago)

You have mentally prepared yourself for a battle for survival. Through the action game ZOMBIE HUNTER. With zombie-themed content. Open up a fantasy world in the future. Due to the disaster that nearly destroyed humanity. You are a post-apocalyptic survivor. Will have to perform missions to stop the enemy. From there protect the world and rescue other lucky survivors who are in danger. Here, the game is designed in the style of shooting. Incorporate a third-person perspective to simulate combat. Taking place on an open map with a bunch of interesting features waiting to be discovered. Especially played in offline mode. No need to connect to the internet, you can still experience it for free after downloading.

Description about ZOMBIE HUNTER MOD APK – Shooting Battle Against Scary Zombies

According to the introduced story of ZOMBIE HUNTER. The virus pandemic took place in 2080. With its rapid spread, many people got sick. After a short time, they died and became undead. Instead of sleeping peacefully underground, the zombies feel bloodthirsty. They landed on the streets of the city. In search of survivors. From there attack and continue to spread the disease. Making the catastrophe of the destruction of humanity shows no sign of ending. To prevent that, protect the world. You are one of the survivors of the pandemic. Will have to perform the task, by participating in the war. Attack and destroy all enemies before the situation gets out of control. Aim to save the world dominated by zombies.ZOMBIE HUNTER- Game Offline

Build and upgrade your base

Base building is one of the activities done over time at ZOMBIE HUNTER. The lucky survivors are trying to create a safe haven. Through the construction of various constructions. For example food storage, resource storage, energy, and more. Each construction will need to use the money to perform. At the same time, the completion process will take place in a short period of time. Unlock in turn to build a safe area. Will help you and others protect themselves in harsh environmental conditions. As well as keeping alive against the zombies trying to attack. Moreover, from time to time it is necessary to upgrade the works. Improve the strong and solid base even more.Game ZOMBIE HUNTER- Game Offline

Gameplay, the process of performing tasks

Build shooting-style gameplay. Play as a character in ZOMBIE HUNTER to start performing the mission. Use equipped weapons to attack zombies. According to the open gameplay, they will rush to take your life. It is necessary to deploy a suitable attack strategy and shoot accurately. Kill in turn and wipe out all zombies before falling prey. In the process, will sometimes be surrounded. At this time, using a gun will not be effective in an attack. Instead, quickly use a sharp sword to slash. With the advantage of flexibility when fighting at close range. Should help you out of danger in some situations. From there will complete tasks to receive bonuses, experience points, and loot.Tai ZOMBIE HUNTER- Game Offline

With the increasing difficulty, many types of zombies

The difficulty of ZOMBIE HUNTER will increase gradually after starting a new mission. The number of enemies to kill will increase more than before. At the same time, the battle location was also changed. Expressed through environments and landscapes, as well as terrain. To be able to fight the undead will need to improve my skills. Because through the war, will fight many different zombies. They can be active in daylight. With the design of appearance in many scary forms. Bring your own unique style, expressed through the attack. For example, run at a fast pace, walk slowly, and maybe even crawl on the ceiling. Moreover, sometimes will have to face zombie bosses. With abilities scarier than ordinary enemies. Make it difficult for you to win.Download ZOMBIE HUNTER- Game Offline

Modified MOD information of ZOMBIE HUNTER

  • MOD Menu
  • Huge Amount Of Money gold
  • Huge Amount Of ammo
  • free shopping

Promising to bring exciting shooting wars in ZOMBIE HUNTER. With a huge collection, including many different types of guns. They are designed with impressive, modern trends. Crafted with exceptional attack power in its own right. Expressed through the index according to each different factor. Including attack power, fire rate, and reload time. At the same time to own a new gun will need to unlock. Go through battles and accumulate bonuses. From there, you can buy your favorite gun to use.

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Name ID ZOMBIE HUNTER: Game Offline
Updated On 22/05/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Size 132MB
New version 1.84.0
MOD Info Menu, Unlimited gold, money, ammo, free shopping
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Update 22/05/2024 (4 days ago )