StrikeBox 2.2.99 APK MOD [Menu LMH, OneHit, God-mode, Huge Amount Of Money, Free Shopping, Unlock All]
StrikeBox 2.2.99 APK MOD [Menu LMH, OneHit, God-mode, Huge Amount Of Money, Free Shopping, Unlock All]

StrikeBox 2.2.99 APK MOD [Menu LMH, OneHit, God-mode, Huge Amount Of Money, Free Shopping, Unlock All]

By The Toan - 06/04/2024 (1 week ago) - 99MB
Name StrikeBox
Updated On 06/04/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher ChaloApps
Size 99MB
Version 2.2.99
MOD Features Menu, OneHit, God Mode, Unlimited Money, Free Shopping, Unlock All
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Update 06/04/2024 (1 week ago )

Fight in the sandbox style in the game StrikeBox. Based on the mechanism of shooting action takes place. From a shooter’s first-person perspective engage in combat. Set in a vast arena that is vividly simulated. Along with that is the appearance of many enemy units equipped with weapons. You will have to compete with them for survival with the goal of winning. That process will not be supported by allies. Because each person is a faction to fight to find the last gunman alive. Based on the last person rule to classify winners and losers. At the same time, achievements are demonstrated through scores. Then you can continue to challenge yourself in more dramatic and fierce battles.

Download StrikeBox MOD APK – Massive Arena Survival Shooting War

The game’s graphics are not like other games. Here developer ChaloApps builds sandbox-based graphics. Recreate a vast battlefield in the desert area. Shown through walls, and constructions such as houses, and roads. Everything is reproduced on a unique golden background. In addition, there are equipment and vehicles that appear in the war. Designed in the form of a sandbox with a cube style. To increase the experience for players during competition. The sound system is also reproduced with vibrant background music. Will be broadcast throughout the battle. Along with that is a combination of realistic sounds from gunfire every time a bullet is fired to attack.StrikeBox- Sandbox&Shooter MOD

Gameplay and rules

According to the rules of the game is played out in a war. You can compete with friends in the presence of up to 10 people. Accordingly, you will become a gunman to fight for survival with the remaining opponents. The battle will last for a 4-minute countdown. The process will be very dramatic and intense because each person is a faction to attack each other. The overall goal is to get big kills to increase individual achievement points. As time goes by, the countdown to 0 will end the fight. Based on the scores achieved among the shooters, whoever has the best performance will win. At the same time have the opportunity to receive bonuses and increase their rank higher.

The battle takes place in real-time and counts down to 0. Based on that to recreate the survival battle between the gunmen. Every time you lose your life due to an enemy shot and vice versa. Players can respawn again after a certain amount of time. From there it is possible to continue the fight with the goal of getting a larger kill score to achieve excellent results.Game StrikeBox- Sandbox&Shooter MOD

Freedom to perform actions

The course of the battle in the game StrikeBox. You are free to fight in your own way, performing different actions. Use weapons to fire bullets to attack enemies. Use a grenade to throw and cause an explosion with damage in the surrounding radius. Or use the lifting feature to move, as well as arrange and create a structure in your own way. Moreover, it is also possible to control combat vehicles. Drive a car moving at high speed on the ground. Even operate helicopters to fight in the air. There are many more activities to be discovered during the battle. Depending on your strategy and ideas, it can be implemented as desired.Tai StrikeBox- Sandbox&Shooter MOD

Various weapon systems

Provide a diverse weapon system, including a different collection of guns. These include pistols, sniper rifles, bazookas, rotating machine guns. These are just a few of the firearms to name but a few more to follow. Each gun is not only uniquely designed. But their ability to be used to attack will be in its own way. You need to learn the pros and cons of each. From there, it is possible to maximize the use of the ability to bring efficiency in the battle. For example, a rotating gun with the advantage of speed, can fire a lot of bullets in a short time. Or sniper rifles can see far, helping to accurately shoot enemies from long distances.Download StrikeBox- Sandbox&Shooter MOD

MOD Feature of trikeBox

  • MOD Menu
  • OneHit
  • God-mode
  • Huge Amount Of Money
  • Free Shopping
  • Unlock All

The game StrikeBox also offers various vehicles to use in battle. For example cars, army jeeps, tanks and even helicopters. Each vehicle is used for different activities. For ground combat, can drive a tank or a Jeep to move. They also act as iron armor, providing superior defense. Help you protect yourself against the pursuit from the enemy. Likewise, control the helicopter to engage in air combat. From there can attack other helicopters in the sky.