Stupid Zombies 3 {{version}} APK MOD (Unlimited everything ammo)
Stupid Zombies 3 {{version}} APK MOD (Unlimited everything ammo)

Stupid Zombies 3 2.42 APK MOD (Unlimited everything ammo)

By The Toan - 21/08/2023 (6 months ago) - 46MB
Name Stupid Zombies 3
Updated On 21/08/2023
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher GameResort
Size 46MB
Version 2.42
MOD Features Unlimited everything ammo
Update 21/08/2023 (6 months ago )

Build content between puzzle and shooting, with a compelling zombie theme. Stupid Zombies 3 game gives you interesting experiences. Use physical effects to attack enemies with the gun in your hand. Take on challenging missions based on a deep storyline. Along with that are the difficulties that will be faced. As well as the required conditions to be fulfilled. Not stopping there, the task, in turn, is completed. There will be a chance to unlock new weapons to use in the next matches. But need to make sure the puzzle skills improve over time. Along with that is realistic 3D graphics. Recreate the puzzle environment in a variety of landscapes. Combines control mechanism and easy-to-use interface.

Download Stupid Zombies 3 – Shooting Puzzle To Kill All Zombies

Stupid Zombies 3 takes the zombie theme to unlock shooting puzzles. Based on a story about the appearance of corpses. They came back to life and entered the city. Appears everywhere and attacks humans. To prevent disaster from happening to the world. Heroes will have to participate in the battle, in order to destroy them before the city is attacked. Use the gun in your hand as a combat weapon. The goal is to shoot down all of them to wipe out the zombies in each area. From there will complete the task to prove yourself. The game belongs to the puzzle game genre, so it will use its own unique elements. With different challenges, test individual skills. As well as making the correct decision and choice to kill zombies.Stupid Zombies 3

More than 200 missions in each level

The challenges of Stupid Zombies 3 are held every day. With more than 200 levels of play provided by the publisher. Each day will correspond to a level, opening a puzzle quest. Play as a hero protecting the world against a large number of zombies. Use the equipped gun to attack in turn. Then keep moving forward to enter the new phase. Overcome each challenge in turn, conquering the last match in a day. From there will complete the mission to start the next level. The difficulty will be changed from day to day. The number of zombies to kill will be more than before. As well as the need to shoot down many different types of zombies. At the same time, the environment will be changed, helping you not to feel bored.Game Stupid Zombies 3

Evaluation of achievements, puzzle skills

Achievements in each level of Stupid Zombies 3 are evaluated by the number of stars. Each task after completion can reach a maximum of 3 stars. But to do that need to kill all zombies on a puzzle level. The number of kills will correspond to the number of stars. But the difficulty will not stop increasing after each challenge. Especially the number of bullets will be limited. This makes it very difficult for you to overcome and complete excellently. Requires puzzle skills to be continuously honed. Observe the environment and terrain, and the standing position of the zombies. Combination of guns that support the line marking feature. Along with the special ability of the bullet. Instead will disappear after hitting a target. The bullets will be based on the physics system used. Can kill multiple zombies in one shot.Ear Stupid Zombies 3

There are 4 types of weapons

Through puzzle matches in the game Stupid Zombies 3. Heroes can use 4 different weapons. Includes pistols, flamethrowers, bombers, and homemade Grannie guns. Each weapon has its own unique attack style. At the same time possessing a limited amount of ammunition and firepower. You need to be careful to take advantage of it effectively. Aim to achieve excellent results with the maximum number of stars. However, they are not completely free to use. It will need to be unlocked instead. Moreover, each gun will be supported with the line feature. Helps you know that the bullet after firing will bounce in the specified direction. As well as will pop up other locations based on physical features.Download Stupid Zombies 3

MOD Feature of Stupid Zombies 3

  • Unlimited everything

Lots of different types of zombies in Stupid Zombies 3 ‘s puzzle levels. They are designed with a unique look and feel. For example female zombies, fat zombies, skinny zombies,… and many more. However, to be able to destroy only need to hit the bullet once. But to shoot down all of them is a very difficult challenge. Because they appear at many different locations in complex terrain. Along with a limited amount of ammunition in a puzzle quest. But based on the skill and experience drawn. Will definitely help you overcome the challenge.