Super Car Simulator {{version}} APK MOD (Unlimited Money)
Super Car Simulator {{version}} APK MOD (Unlimited Money)

Super Car Simulator 0.19 APK MOD (Unlimited Money)

By The Toan - 29/01/2024 (4 weeks ago) - 128MB
Name Super Car Simulator: Open Wor
Updated On 29/01/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Pika App
Size 128MB
Version 0.19
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Update 29/01/2024 (4 weeks ago )

Super Car Simulator is a car driving simulation game. Unlocks in many different game modes. Role-play as a racer to participate in each mode. Take on challenging missions to show off your skills. Accordingly, you will enjoy the real driving feeling. Realistic physics has been shown through the vehicle’s ability to operate on the road. Combined with sharp 3D graphics, the image quality is designed to be vivid. The sound effect is reproduced through the car engine sound when operating. Promises to bring an engaging driving experience. To increase the fun when participating in the game. Lots of different racing cars are inspired by real life. At the same time, the environment opens up in multiple locations.

Download Super Car Simulator – Driving Simulator With Realistic Physics

To be able to operate racing cars in the game Super Car Simulator. You will have to flexibly use the game’s control mechanism. Based on virtual arrow keys and featured icons. Intuitively designed and well organized. Easy to use for driving on the road. Left and right arrows are displayed in the left corner of the screen. Used to navigate vehicle movement. The brake and accelerator pedal icon displays the right corner of the screen, used to increase and decrease the speed. The handbrake can be combined when the car is moving at high speed to perform risky drifting techniques.Super Car Simulator

The game modes will have their own content

Do you want to be a racer in Super Car Simulator ? Come to the game modes provided by the system. Each mode opens up a race in its own style. Although the content still revolves around the task of driving a car. But the topic will be unfolded according to different content. Whether participating in any mode. All must follow the given rules. With the required conditions to follow. Upon completion, you will receive a reward, which is a gold coin. The amount will not stop increasing after completing the races in various modes.Game Super Car Simulator

Parking mode in the parking lot

Test your parking skills in the parking mode of Super Car Simulator. Missions take place in real-time, unlocking levels of play. In each level of participation, you will have to drive a moving vehicle on the road. Park in the right position to complete the mission. According to the rules of the game, the process of operating the car will not have any collisions. Just a small negligence or inattention will cause your vehicle to collide with terrain or obstacles. That will cause the mission to fail, which means you will have to start over. Difficulty also increases after entering new levels. The distance traveled is longer and the terrain changes are more complicated than before.Tai Super Car Simulator

Drift mode

Come to the drift mode of the game Super Car Simulator. Perform adventurous drifting techniques on the road. According to the rules of the game, reach the number of drift points corresponding to the given conditions. Through driving on city roads. Can accelerate to high speed and drift through bends and turns. At the same time, the operation must be controlled to ensure the vehicle is stable. If you hit an obstacle, your car will lose its drift. It will also slow down. Then it will have to do it again to continue the task. After reaching the condition of drift points will complete the race.

Online racing mode

Challenge your racing skills in the online mode of Super Car Simulator. Compete with real players on city streets. Drive your car to race against your opponents, and find the ultimate winner. Here, the race takes place extremely dramatic and intense. Because each racer operates his own vehicle. At the same time possessing driving skills and rich racing experience. According to the rules, the first rider to reach the finish line wins. Moreover, it also supports the leaderboard feature. The top drivers with the best records will be listed on the leaderboard.Download Super Car Simulator

Super Car Simulator owns a diverse collection of cars. Includes many different vehicles for you to explore. These are sports cars, classic cars, off-road vehicles, supercars, sedans, and more. Each vehicle is uniquely designed. The difference between them is shown in the default paint color, parts, and body. Moreover, the performance of each vehicle is evaluated in detail through the technical parameters. To own a vehicle that you love. Will have to use accumulated gold coins and buy.