Tag Team Boxing Game 8.7 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money, Unlock Characters]
Tag Team Boxing Game 8.7 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money, Unlock Characters]

Tag Team Boxing Game 8.7 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money, Unlock Characters]

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Sports game Tag Team Boxing Game opens exciting matches. The gameplay is designed according to the rules of boxing sport. Use a competition theme with a variety of genres. Team karate fights, compete in the gym. Or wrestling with bad girls. In particular, all activities that take place are experienced offline. It’s completely free to play after downloading from the app. Not stopping there, the publisher offers 4 interesting game modes. With its own unique content revolving around boxing activities. A boxer with a muscular body. Prove to your opponent’s real power. By defeating them in a team match and winning. Get attractive rewards, worthy of your achievements.

Description about Tag Team Boxing Game MOD APK – Boxing Match Takes Place in Team Play

The boxing match in Tag Team Boxing Game is held in groups. Choose to assemble your own group of fighters. Then participate in the competition on the stage with the support of a large audience. The gameplay is designed in a competitive 1vs1 style. In turn, each boxer in the group of the two teams will enter the ring to compete. Use attacks like straight punches, hook punches, and kicks. Flexible execution makes the opponent suffer a large amount of damage. The process that takes place can change freely the fighter participating to compete. At the same time, the competition will stop when all your team members or opponents are completely defeated. No one can continue the match. Then, based on the achievement shown. You will receive a bonus of gold coins.Tag Team Boxing Game

Story mode

Story mode is one of 4 modes of the Tag Team Boxing Game game. Open matches according to each level. Revolving around a competition between your group of boxers against other boxing groups. Use attack skills flexibly. Combine punches and kicks, knocking opponents to defeat them. Defeat each member of the opposing team in turn. Then will win and complete a level play. Then continue to engage in new levels with the increased challenges. The strength and combat skills of the opponent group will be superior to before. At the same time will be competing with many different boxers. That makes it difficult for your group of boxers during the competition. You will even lose if you can’t beat your opponent.Game Tag Team Boxing Game

Knockout and Arcade mode

Coming to the knockout mode of Tag Team Boxing Game. Will be competing with many boxers in a match in turn. Test your skills by defeating your opponents. Defeat as many boxers as you can. After starting to compete with another boxer. The health of the boxers in the group will not be fully restored. Each match lasts until all the fighters you lead are completely defeated. Besides, Arcade entertainment mode opens interesting tasks. With different jobs that need to be done. Complete excellently to conquer the challenges. From there will receive valuable rewards to use to increase the strength of the boxers. Help them become stronger in the next matches.Tai Tag Team Boxing Game

Online multiplayer mode

In addition to the modes mentioned above, it is completely free to play in offline gameplay. Tag Team Boxing Game also has an online multiplayer mode. Requires participation to be connected to the network. From there will be controlled by the server system. Randomly arrange to meet other online players. Through the match and compete with their group of boxers. To win convincingly in online matches. Requiring your skills during the control of the boxer competition. Observe your opponent’s movements and react quickly. Flexible evasion to limit being attacked. Combine punches, kicks, and falls accurately. This causes the opponent to have a decrease in health, which will gradually drain. End the match with a convincing victory for a chance to get your name on the leaderboard.Download Tag Team Boxing Game

Build high-quality graphics to increase the experience of the Tag Team Boxing Game. Helping all players enjoy the most realistic matches. From the shaping of martial artists in many different styles. Shown through muscles and costumes. Until the flexible movement when performing attacks. Along with that, the light effect is reflected after each attack hits the opponent. Create more excitement for a more engaging feeling. Simultaneously combine realistic sound, and exciting music. Increase the drama of the match.

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Name ID Tag Team Boxing Game
Updated On 09/05/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Fighting Arena
Size 71MB
New version 8.7
MOD Info Unlimited Money, Unlock Characters
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Update 09/05/2024 (2 weeks ago )