Tank Warfare {{version}} APK MOD (Menu, Unlimited money gold gems diamond)
Tank Warfare {{version}} APK MOD (Menu, Unlimited money gold gems diamond)

Tank Warfare 1.1.6 APK MOD (Menu, Unlimited money gold gems diamond)

By The Toan - 27/02/2024 (12 hours ago) - 139MB
Name Tank Warfare
Updated On 27/02/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Click.18 Mobile
Size 139MB
Version 1.1.6
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited money gold gems diamond
Update 27/02/2024 (12 hours ago )

If you are looking for a tank shooting game then don’t miss Tank Warfare. This is an extremely attractive shooting action game with a high-end design and a diverse mode system. You will find here PvP battles in single or team form. Moreover, the game also has leaderboards and clan mode to compete and co-op with friends online. Tank battles in all modes are more exciting and engaging than you can imagine. Drive skillfully and aim accurately to gain the advantage. Also, don’t forget to upgrade the tank to be more powerful.

Download Tank Warfare – An online tank shooting game

Tank Warfare is released in 2021 but has many updates in 2022. As a result, this game is the perfect choice for those looking for a new tank shooting game. It brings exciting battles on many battlefield maps. There, gamers will fight for their own honor and the victory of the country. The diverse map system will bring a new fighting feeling. Do you want to drive a tank on an ice battlefield, an industrial area, or a military area? Get ready for any battlefield.


Enjoy the exciting battles

Entering the game, you can choose the mode and customize your tank. Then you will have the ultimate tank battles with many other players. The goal of each gamer is to defeat the enemy to become the last survivor on the map. Or you have to hunt down the lives of other tanks before the allotted time runs out. Each mode will have its own rules, along with an attractive reward system. In particular, it is the competition of many people that makes the irresistible attraction of all regimes.

On the battlefield, you have full control of the tank through virtual buttons. To gain an advantage, you need to know how to navigate the tank (with a joystick) and combine virtual buttons such as aiming, firing, reloading, and minimap,… Moreover, you need a reasonable battle plan based on battlefield situations. Do you see many enemies around? Do you want to choose to attack or hide? Each decision will affect your own and your allies’ advantage. Pay attention to communication with friends if you play in team mode. The strength of unity will make an advantage.


Unlock and upgrade tanks

Tank Warfare brings dozens of unique tank models to the store. But you need to pay to own the cars you love. Each vehicle will have its own attribute parameters in terms of armor, damage, fire rate, and movement speed. Besides, each vehicle is composed of various parts such as a watchtower, main gun, secondary gun, gears, armor, engine, and more. The rarer the tanks, the better the parts and the higher the attribute stats.

However, you can choose to buy the normal tank and upgrade it. To upgrade, pay attention to the attribute stats. The higher the level, the higher these stats, meaning the greater the strength. In addition, you can replace tank parts to improve strength. By combining parts together, you will create a new tank model in your own way. Furthermore, don’t forget to customize the look of your tank with new paint colors, stickers, and more.


Explore multiple modes and events

This game has a lot of pre-opened modes. Specifically, you can choose to play in the “Free For All” mode – where you have to fight all other players on the battlefield map. Or in Team Deathmatch mode, your task is to hunt as many “kills” as possible within the time limit. This mode allows you to play alone or co-op with friends. In addition, the game also has a Conquest mode and an online event series. Keep an eye on the quest system to see what’s there.


Modern design, smooth touch

Although inspired by World War II, this game has a quite modern style. The details in the game are designed with 3D graphics, bringing high realism and sharpness. Besides, the effects of shooting, fire, explosion, and sound are also very lively. The battlefield scene is vast and simulated in detail to every little detail. In particular, the game feels smooth action in each operation.

MOD Feature of Tank Warfare

  • MOD Menu
  • Unlimited money
  • Unlimited gold
  • Unlimited gems diamond

Don’t miss Tank Warfare if you are passionate about the tank shooting theme. Come here and enjoy the fascinating battles on the vast 3D battlefield. Before that, you need to choose a tank and customize it with new skins and parts. Make your tank impressive in the eyes of your friends. Furthermore, don’t forget to add new friends to your party or clan. The more friends, the more fun the battles will be.