Tanki Online 2.0.0 (build 2002432124) APK MOD [Lượng Tiền Rất Lớn]
Tanki Online 2.0.0 (build 2002432124) APK MOD [Lượng Tiền Rất Lớn]

Tanki Online 2.0.0 (build 2002432124) APK MOD [Lượng Tiền Rất Lớn]

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Tanki Online is an exciting and intense online tank shooting game. In the game, you will participate in epic and challenging tank battles. Players take on the role of tank warriors and engage in combat with thousands of other players worldwide. With high-quality 3D graphics and a first-person perspective, Tanki Online immerses you in an incredibly realistic world. You can control your tank with flexibility and enjoy the thrill of tank racing. Throughout the game, you will collect resources, upgrade, and customize your tank to become powerful. Experience the excitement of tank control, master combat skills, and devise intelligent strategies to win in Tanki Online. From beginners to experienced tank warriors, this game offers a unique and non-stop experience. Join MODLMH and showcase your talent and strategic prowess to become a legendary tank warrior!

Tanki Online MOD APK – Legendary 3D PvP action game

Tanki Online offers PvP battles in various game modes, each bringing unique challenges and combat opportunities. It requires you to use tactics and skillfully control your tank. Players will face off against other tank warriors, each with their own playstyle and skill level. Defeating their tanks and protecting your own is crucial to achieving victory. High scores and battle success will bring attractive rewards, helping you upgrade your tank and reach higher levels. One unique aspect of PvP in Tanki Online is its high competitiveness, allowing you to play alongside thousands of players worldwide. This creates a vibrant and never-dull gaming environment. You can showcase your combat skills alongside other tank warriors. The ultimate goal is to become the victorious warrior in challenging PvP action battles!

Many options

In Tanki Online, there are various game modes to choose from. Each mode presents unique challenges with its own objectives and combat styles. For example, in the Capture the Flag mode, you aim to capture the opponent’s flag. Players must attack the enemy’s base, defeat their tanks, and capture their flag to bring it back to their base. The Control Point mode requires the ability to hold control. The team that controls more points will emerge victorious. You must optimize tactics and cooperate with teammates to maintain control and win the battle. Additionally, Tanki Online offers special events and tournaments that bring exciting challenges and rewards. This creates a vibrant, diverse, and engaging gaming environment where you can showcase your talent and combat skills to become a great tank warrior.

Unique physics system

The physics system in the game is meticulously and intricately designed. It provides a realistic tank experience and a unique combat feel. Tanki Online accurately reproduces the elements of the battlefield environment. The bumpy and winding terrain requires tanks to move flexibly and diversely. You need to know how to move intelligently to avoid getting blocked or into dangerous situations. The damage system in the game also achieves high-quality effects. When your tank is attacked, you will see vivid destruction effects and feel the increasing sense of damage. Additionally, the explosions and special effects make the battles exciting and captivating.

Upgrades and ratings

In Tanki Online, you can upgrade multiple parts of your tank. For example, weapons, speed, and energy. Each upgrade enhances the power and performance, allowing you to fight more effectively. You can use in-game currency or real money to purchase and upgrade these parts. In addition to upgrading the tank, you can also collect and use special equipment. They contribute to improving the combat strength of your tank. The equipment includes maps, toolboxes, repair stations, etc. You can choose and change the equipment depending on the situation and tactics in battle.

Tanki Online has a ranking system based on experience points and battle performance. You will earn experience points to level up when you fight and achieve victories. At the same time, you have the opportunity to climb the ranks on the leaderboard. This feature reflects your combat proficiency and skills in Tanki Online. The goal of every player is to rise to the top position on the global leaderboard.

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Name ID Tanki Online
Updated On 09/05/2024
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher Alternativa Game Ltd
Size 50MB
New version 2.0.0 (build 2002432124)
MOD Info Vô Hạn Full Tiền
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