The Walking Dead: Our World APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money, all episodes unlocked]
The Walking Dead: Our World APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money, all episodes unlocked]

The Walking Dead: Our World APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money, all episodes unlocked]

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Get ready for a fierce battle in the post-apocalyptic world. Through the shooting action game The Walking Dead: Our World. This is a game that is combined with an adventure element. Revolving around dramatic battles against zombies. You will participate as a gunman, by impersonating a character in the game. Then perform different missions to overcome the challenge. Successfully survived the onslaught from the enemy. Moreover, in addition to the battles against zombies. There is also the opportunity to compete with other survival players. Through online multiplayer mode. Compete with them and show off your skills to become a great warrior. At the same time, you will enjoy a series of attractive features from the publisher.

The Walking Dead: Our World MOD APK – Battle Against Zombies To Protect The World

Follow an apocalyptic story of the game The Walking Dead: Our World. Before the development of human civilization. But a certain cause caused the outbreak of the disease. Those infected quickly lost their lives because there was no cure. This caused catastrophic destruction for the whole world. Not stopping there, those who died will come back to life again. But they become fearsome zombies, with bloodthirsty rage. They are constantly looking for prey to attack, in order to spread the virus. This creates a death scene for all of humanity. Now, those who are lucky to survive will have to fight in addition to protecting themselves and surviving in harsh environmental conditions. They also have to fight the zombies to protect the world, before it spirals out of control.The Walking Dead- Our World

Character system

Before starting the survival mission in The Walking Dead: Our World. You will choose to role-play as one of the characters provided. Includes Daryl, Rick, Alpha, and Mercer. They are all heroes, possessing their own unique abilities. Simultaneously designed in different impressive styles. For example, Daryl is a sniper who can use ranged weapons. Rick is a man with a flexible attack, often using pistols to fight. Alpha with the advantage of using a variety of long guns to attack in its own way. Finally, there is Mercer with superior melee attack ability. Swords, axes, or similar weapons can be used against zombies. Depending on your playstyle, role-play as your favorite character to join the battle.Game The Walking Dead- Our World

Mission by match, difficulty

The mission system of The Walking Dead: Our World is very attractive. Each match opens with different conditions. Play as a character armed with a weapon. You will have to fight zombies to survive. The goal is to wipe out all enemies to complete the mission. End the battle with excellent achievements and get rewards. Based on the difficulty of the task after completion. From there will receive the corresponding bonus. You can then continue the action-adventure. Join the battle in the new challenge. The difficulty will increase with changes in many factors. Not only the environment opens up in another context. The number of zombies will increase with more significant numbers. Make it difficult for you to fight. You will even lose your life if you can’t fight them.Tai The Walking Dead- Our World

The process of fighting

The gameplay of The Walking Dead: Our World is quite interesting. Each battle against zombies is taking place. Characters will not need to move to explore the world. Just as you can’t freely deploy your own attack strategy. Instead, it will stand still and fight the approaching zombies. Use equipped weapons for continuous attack. With drama and intensity throughout the duration of the mission. The number of bullets will decrease gradually, after using it all need to be reloaded. At the same time appear many different types of zombies. Their endurance is also impressive. To be able to destroy, and wipe before losing a life. Need to shoot accurately in the head. Then it is possible to defeat each enemy with a single bullet.Download The Walking Dead- Our World

Modified MOD information of The Walking Dead: Our World

  • MOD Menu
  • Huge Amount Of Money
  • all episodes unlocked

In the adventure against the zombies at The Walking Dead: Our World. There are many different types of weapons to use. They are the main tools for attacking zombies. Divided into many categories, each type will have its own unique choices. For example pistols with flexibility, and long guns with the ability to attack fiercely. Or sniper rifles with the advantage of dealing great damage from long distances. The difference between the weapons is also shown through the parameters. Includes damage, ammo count, and reload time. According to your attack style, you can choose to use your favorite weapon.

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Name ID The Walking Dead: Our World
Updated On 11/06/2024
Requires Android 7.0
Publisher Next Games
Size 129MB
New version
MOD Info Unlimited MoneyMenu, Unlimited money, all episodes unlocked
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