Very Little Nightmares 1.2.3 APK MOD [Full Version]
Very Little Nightmares 1.2.3 APK MOD [Full Version]

Very Little Nightmares 1.2.3 APK MOD [Full Version]

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Very Little Nightmares is a fascinating puzzle adventure game for phones. It is a small part of the Little Nightmares project but contains all the best elements of the original series. Join the game, you will immerse yourself in the escape journey of a tiny girl. Your task is to help her overcome all challenges and find her way back home. It is a difficult task and goes through many different chapters. Each chapter of the story will take place in different settings. And in each place, there are many mysteries and threats that you cannot ignore. Show your wisdom to overcome all challenges.

Description about Very Little Nightmares MOD APK – Scary puzzle adventure

After the success of the PC version, Very Little Nightmares was officially released on the phone. It brings a breath of fresh air to the adventure and puzzle genre, thereby attracting millions of players. It can be said that this game is completely different from other adventure games. It has no obvious action elements but impresses with horror and puzzle elements. Puzzles alternate your journey of adventure in a macabre, mystical setting. That’s what makes this game. Get ready to discover them when you step foot in the first scene. The main character of the story is waiting for your departure.


Simple puzzle mechanics

At the beginning of the game, a girl in a yellow raincoat wakes up in a mysterious mansion. She seems to have lost her way and came here by accident. But this mansion is like a vast maze. It consists of many secret rooms and organs and strange creatures. Of course, it is not a safe place for your character. You need to quickly get her out and back to her family. But to achieve this, you have to go through a long journey. You have to explore the rooms, find hidden objects and find the way out. Just like that, one room after another, one area after another. If you can get to the end, you will conquer this whole game.

To overcome the challenges in the journey, you only need to control the character to move left, right, jump or go down. However, you need to do it wisely to protect your character from any situation. For example, it could be giant hands, poisonous spiders, a weird man in the kitchen, a portable teapot… Moreover, you have to overcome the most precarious roads. These pathways are disjointed but maybe somehow linked. Everything is designed with crazy creativity in mind. But when combining them together, the game makes for interesting logic puzzles.


Explore the mysterious labyrinth world

Through your adventure in Very Little Nightmares , things gradually return to their nature. The mysterious labyrinth world moves in different ways. From there, it opens up many new areas with mysterious constructions and many interesting puzzles. You can go through the basement MOD APK – which is built like a mining bunker, the kitchen MOD APK – where some crazy guy always wants to hunt you for dinner, bedrooms, bathrooms, warehouses, and more. Try to go deep inside the rooms to uncover all the mysteries within them.

Each room is decorated with different items. Some of these items may be useful to you. Furthermore, there are cool building types such as tractors, traditional elevators, and vehicles such as trolleys. They can get you out of a place if you know how to start them. All in all, there’s a lot of cool stuff you’ll find in your adventure. You can interact with them in many different ways. So, each player will have a unique experience. Just a little difference is enough to make your mark.


Deep music, classical images

This game has been certified as the game with the best audio and sound. Therefore, there is no need to discuss these two aspects too much. Your adventure will be immersed in gentle and deep melodies. They not only help you relax but also evoke feelings of horror and horror. Moreover, the world context is described in detail in the background of 3D graphics. Everything was engulfed in darkness with a faint glimmer of light. As can be seen, the design of this game is really delicate, bringing a real immersive feeling.

If you don’t mind horror puzzles then come to Very Little Nightmares. It is a place where you will have the opportunity to show your talent for puzzles and adventure. Mysterious labyrinths, bizarre creatures, and creepy music… are waiting for you to explore. Dig deep into them to uncover mysteries and most of all, find a way to return home. So how far will you go in this adventure?

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Name ID Very Little Nightmares
Updated On 16/05/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe
Size 436MB
New version 1.2.3
MOD Info Full Version
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Update 16/05/2024 (1 week ago )