War of Rafts 1.0.3 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

War of Rafts 1.0.3 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

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War of Rafts 1.0.3 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

Do you like to style battles? War of Rafts is built around that theme. The content opens the naval battles on the ocean. With the gameplay takes place in the battle royale mode between armies. They use rafts and constantly collect to expand their territory. Simultaneously rescue the soldiers on lifebuoys who are drifting in the sea. From there will recruit more units to increase army strength. In order to improve the ability to attack more superior in naval battles. This game is designed with colorful and bright visuals. With an intuitive and easy-to-use control interface. Along with the mission system that takes place in each stage of the game level. Bringing you exciting naval battles.

War of Rafts MOD APK – Great Ocean Survival Battle

War of Rafts opens up exciting io naval battles. Taking place on the vast ocean with the participation of many armies. They are online players from all over the world. In the style of battle royale survival. You will command the unit of soldiers on the raft and constantly strengthen the force. Collect shards of materials and rescue soldiers. Increase strength to increase the ability of the army. Aim to face other enemies at sea. Your ultimate goal is to become the most powerful force. Can overwhelm every opponent in the ocean and dominate.War of Rafts

Stages in a level

War of Rafts ‘s oceanic naval battle process. The task will be divided into each level of play. At each level, there will be many different stages. Based on the number of points you gain during sea combat. Shown by the number of rafts captured, army force, and strength stats. Satisfying the given conditions will complete a stage. Pass each stage in turn until a certain time. From there will complete the task of a level.

According to the given rules, each time complete a stage and move on to the next stage in a level. All rafts, minions, and power gained will not be lost. Only when completing a level play to start a new mission. In the first stage of the next level, you will start over with a unit of soldiers and a raft to carry out the mission.Game War of Rafts

Difficulty increasing

After completing the stages in War of Rafts. Start new levels with increased difficulty. The gameplay is still the same. But there will be many factors that change to increase the difficulty. The conditions given to complete each subsequent stage will increase. At the same time, the naval battle took place more fiercely and fiercely than before. With the participation of many military forces. Shown through rafts representing the private territory. At the same time, the army strength of the enemy factions also improved. Better than before with great destructive power. Put your forces on the raft in danger if you are unlucky to confront.Tie War of Rafts

Collect to expand raft

War of Rafts ‘s vast ocean adventure. You can expand the raft to create a large territory. Through collecting pieces of the raft floating in the sea. Navigate and move rafts accurately to collect. From there will expand the raft with a larger area. Not stopping there, if you’re lucky, there’s still a chance to find a defensive tower. Quickly collect them to make them part of your raft. It is even possible to collect engines and many other materials. At that time, it will strengthen the defense of the raft.

Increase army force

Let your raft survive on the seas of War of Rafts. There should be a defense force standing guard and always in a state of combat readiness. Accordingly, in order to increase the number of troops it was necessary to rescue the soldiers. They float on lifebuoys in the open seas. After the successful rescue, they will apply to join your army on rafts. Become brave soldiers in the wars that will take place. Accordingly, the larger the army, the higher the survival rate.Download War of Rafts

In War of Rafts , there are many different units of soldiers. For example, AK shooters, and soldiers armed with rotating machine guns and flamethrowers. There are many other units that will be rescued by you over time. It can be seen that each unit has a different fighting style. Shown by the type of weapon used to attack. Moreover, the defense ability of each unit is also not the same. You can find out in detail the strength of each unit during the battle in the ocean.

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Updated On 11/06/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Size 39MB
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New version 1.0.3
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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