WDAMAGE: Car Crash 252 APK MOD [Free Shopping, No Ads]
WDAMAGE: Car Crash 252 APK MOD [Free Shopping, No Ads]

WDAMAGE: Car Crash 252 APK MOD [Free Shopping, No Ads]

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Drive your racing car on the track of WDAMAGE: Car Crash. Test your ability to operate on the road with adventurous activities. Drift freely across a vast map in selected environments. Simultaneously destroy the car into pieces with realistic physics. That process will not be limited by any factors. But the race can end quickly if the vehicle is destroyed. You can then continue to new races in other locations. Join the game can be experienced in offline mode. With a series of interesting features waiting to be discovered. Get a chance to drive a variety of uniquely designed racing cars. Along with that are racing locations opened in many different environments.

Description about WDAMAGE: Car Crash MOD APK – Drive Racing Cars Freestyle

According to the information provided about the game’s media system. Currently, there are more than 50 different racing cars waiting to be discovered. They are divided into many models such as two-door sports cars, classic racing cars, luxury cars, and even supercars. Each vehicle is inspired by reality while being simulated in true 3D. The difference between them is reflected in the design, size, and paint color. Accordingly, you can choose for free one of the racing cars to use. Instead of paying or unlocking like other racing games. Here the vehicle system is provided free of charge. At the same time, after choosing your favorite racing car, you can also change the paint color with many options.WDAMAGE- Car Crash MOD

There are 30 locations in multiple environments

Explore a variety of racing locations that are open in different environments. There are 30 locations provided to give you a varied experience. Typical such as crusher area, desert, park, fall wall, racecourse, long jump, and valley. In each location, the landscape is not the same. The difference is also reflected in the surrounding terrain, as well as the weather. Accordingly in the crusher area with the appearance of giant rotating machines. The racecourse stretches with a flat asphalt track. Or valleys covered with large rocky mountains. Much more will be discovered after choosing to participate.Game WDAMAGE- Car Crash MOD

Control mechanism

WDAMAGE: Car Crash game mechanics in MODLMH are optimized. Arrange the control features in an intuitive way, making it easy for players to use. Accordingly, in the left corner of the screen, the nitro icon and left and right arrows are displayed. You can use it to increase the maximum speed for a short time. As well as navigating vehicles to turn left or right on the road. Besides, it will combine with the brake and gas pedal icon displayed in the right corner of the screen, thereby increasing or decreasing the speed. At the same time, you can also perform risky drifting techniques. Through the brake pad icon, it drifts.Tai WDAMAGE- Car Crash MOD

The realistic physics collision system

Promises to bring an authentic experience during driving. The vehicle’s deformation physics system is realistically designed. Accordingly, the body of the racing car will be deformed after colliding with obstacles. Or an accident occurs when free falling from a height. For example, crashing directly into a large block of rock at high speed. At that time, not only the front end was broken, but the door and chassis of the car were also deformed. Or go through bumpy roads, if the car loses control, it may overturn. There are many other situations that will take place during driving on the road.

Standard mode

Start the race in the game’s standard mode. Unleash destructive driving action. Choose a racing car you love, then select the desired map. Test the vehicle’s performance through free driving. Move on a large map with the appearance of obstacles. Increase the top speed and combine nitro to reach the max. Drift 360 degrees or drive through the stages and move forward. Accordingly, the race will end after the vehicle is completely destroyed.Download WDAMAGE- Car Crash MOD

The game WDAMAGE: Car Crash has two more modes. It’s Derby and Online. Each mode opens its own themed races. However, at the moment, it is still not possible to experience. Because publisher WELG is still in development. Promise to provide to all players in the next versions after being updated. Accordingly, you will enjoy a more vivid driving experience. It is even possible to compete with online racers.

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Name ID WDAMAGE: Car Crash
Updated On 02/05/2024
Requires Android 9
Publisher WELG
Size 774MB
New version 252
MOD Info Free Shopping, No Ads
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Update 02/05/2024 (3 weeks ago )