Who Dies First 2.85 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money Keys]
Who Dies First 2.85 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money Keys]

Who Dies First 2.85 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money Keys]

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Test your intelligence in Who Dies First. Through puzzles to find out who died first. Accordingly, it opens up an interesting entertaining game, with a series of funny stories. But parallel to that is the stupidity in each action. That will create stupid deaths. Here, the puzzles are inspired by real-life stories. Combined with domino physics effects to bring you the funniest experience. The content revolves around the stupid actions of stickman characters. Through that, you can also enjoy a variety of game modes. With unique topics and content for you to discover. The goal is to collect golden keys to unlock new features.

Who Dies First MOD APK – Choose Who Dies First in Stories

The gameplay of Who Dies First opens is very interesting. In a sequence that must be followed. Join each stickman’s funny story. Start by watching the story unfold. That will help you better understand the content of the story. After that, it will move to a real situation to choose who will die first. Once you’ve made a decision, you’ll have to press start for the situation to replay. Now just follow and wait for the final results. Then you can move on to a new story. With many interesting things waiting for you ahead. Use the logic and intelligence of the brain to overcome.Who Dies First

Collect golden keys

The golden key is the only item in Who Dies First. Used to perform trading operations. Unlock many new features to dig deeper into the game content. Go through stories with your choices over time. A story can get up to 10 golden keys. But every second that passes will reduce a key. If you do not quickly make a decision choose the person who dies first. Then you will receive little or even none at all. Besides, it is also necessary to note the failure in each story. At that time, it will be reduced by 5 golden keys that you have accumulated from the stories that have passed before.Game Who Dies First

More than 100 levels, progressively more complex

More than 100 levels are waiting for you to explore. Each level of Who Dies First opens an interesting story. Mixing humor and bringing unique deaths. That will raise a lot of questions about death. For example, who will die first? Who is the dumbest to die? Will greed kill itself? There are many other deaths that will be recreated in each story. At the same time, the complexity will increase in the next levels. Especially each level will not repeat a story that took place. Along with that are stupid activities from stickman characters. Makes it hard to choose who dies first.Tai Who Dies First

There are 3 game modes

To diversify the gameplay and increase your experience in Who Dies First. The game offers 3 different modes. Includes story mode, physics mode, and game of luck. Accordingly, each mode is built in its own style. Along with humorous activities to find the dead first. But with that comes the complexity of the decision-making process.

  • Story mode: Unleash stories of humor, love, and stupidity.
  • Physical mode: Use domino mechanics to destroy other stickman characters. With a unique effect that is recreated after an exciting destruction.
  • Game of Fortune: Revolving around stories involving luck. It doesn’t follow any rules and happens at random. How will this test your luck?

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Modified MOD information of Who Dies First

  • Huge Amount Of Money Keys

It can be seen that the stories of Who Dies First are very interesting. It’s all about everyday life. For example, a story on the subject of love. On a street about a couple of lovers. But with the appearance of a guy driving a supercar moving over. This caused the guy’s girlfriend who was sitting on the side of the road to ask to buy it. But not enough money to own such a car. Then was abandoned by his lover and followed the guy driving the supercar. Between anger and boredom, along with the joy of supercar riders. You will have to choose who will die first in this situation. The end result of that story is that the guy who was abandoned threw his bicycle at the two of them. Causing the vehicle to explode, resulting in loss of life.

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Name ID Who Dies First
Updated On 07/06/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Stupid games
Size 42MB
New version 2.85
MOD Info Unlimited Money Keys
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Update 07/06/2024 (2 weeks ago )