Zombie Frontier 4 1.8.4 APK MOD [Menu Mod, One Hit, God-mode]
Zombie Frontier 4 1.8.4 APK MOD [Menu Mod, One Hit, God-mode]

Zombie Frontier 4 1.8.4 APK MOD [Menu Mod, One Hit, God-mode]

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Continuation of the first-person zombie shooter series in Zombie Frontier 4. Follow the action gameplay with elements of anti-zombie shooting. You will play as an assassin to perform combat missions. Resist attacks from waves of zombies to survive. Find ways to protect yourself against dangers. The word exists in a post-apocalyptic world. This game is the 4th part of the action game series of the publisher FT Games. With a lot of improved features, as well as many new additions. Help you experience an extremely attractive shooting game. But besides that will need skills to complete the task. Because the challenge will become more and more difficult over time.

Zombie Frontier 4 MOD APK – Shooting Against Scary Zombie Attacks

Can you survive the zombie attack in the post-apocalyptic world? At the same time, he also shouldered the mission to save the world from destruction. Accordingly, you will have to perform a lot of different tasks. Fight for survival against scary zombies to protect everyone. They appear randomly in large numbers and will rush to approach and attack. Furthermore, there are a number of zombies armed with weapons, with bloodlust that will rush forward. This will make it difficult for you to survive. Because there is no support from teammates or anyone. Only equipped guns can be used alone against all.Zombie Frontier 4 MOD

Fight zombie bosses

The battle will become even more fierce when the boss appears. With zombie bosses scarier than regular enemies. They possess outstanding strength, reflected in the amount of health and defense ability, as well as attack power. In particular, there is a huge body that rushes violently to take the life of the prey. To be able to kill zombie bosses will need skills. A flexible mix between your equipped weapon and your control. From then on, attack with high precision and dodge nimbly without stopping. After defeating the boss will have the opportunity to receive valuable loot.

Through the battle will face many scary zombies. For example, the common people are infected with the virus with a bloody appearance. Even creepy mutant beasts. Or Roadblockers, Chargers, and Lickers, there are many more mutant zombies to discover later.Game Zombie Frontier 4 MOD

Level missions with increasing challenge

Perform quests according to the content of the game Zombie Frontier 4. Open-level-based battles in many different areas. From the first-person perspective, a gunman uses offensive weapons. You will have to fight dangerous enemies, through attack to destroy. Accordingly, you will have to shoot down all the scary enemies to protect yourself. After wiping the whole will win and complete the mission. From there will receive valuable rewards to continue to the next battle. The difficulty also increases from there with new challenges to face. Shown by the number of enemies to shoot down is larger than before. At the same time, they attack more fiercely, causing you to face many difficulties and even at the expense of your life.Ear Zombie Frontier 4 MOD

Battle locations

Battles will take place in many different areas. Consisting of arid deserts, cold snowy regions and dark caves. In each area will open many battle locations. For example in prisons, islands, hospitals and factories. There are many other locations to be discovered after participating in the battles. Each location is simulated with its own unique environment, reflected in the surrounding landscape. Besides, no matter where you fight, you need to get used to the terrain. Combine with objects and obstacles to your advantage, thereby dodging and running away from the chase zombies. The goal is not to let them approach, because that will lose blood.Download Zombie Frontier 4 MOD

Guns are the main weapon used in Zombie Frontier 4. Accordingly, you can choose one of many different guns. With a diverse collection of weapons provided by the system. Examples include flamethrowers, rifles, sniper rifles, and machine guns. Each type has many choices to use. The capabilities of each gun are evaluated in detail through parameters. Includes damage, rate of fire, launch, stability, reload time, and size. Besides, you can use the money to upgrade. Enhance stats to improve superior attack ability.

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Name ID Zombie Frontier 4
Updated On 07/06/2024
Requires Android 7.0
Publisher FT Games
Size 317MB
New version 1.8.4
MOD Info Menu Mod, One Hit, God Mode
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Update 07/06/2024 (2 weeks ago )