Zooba MOD APK 4.28.0 (Menu, Unlimited money gems, skills, life, all characters unlocked)
Zooba MOD APK 4.28.0 (Menu, Unlimited money gems, skills, life, all characters unlocked)

Zooba MOD APK 4.28.0 (Menu, Unlimited money gems, skills, life, all characters unlocked)

By TT - 08/12/2023
Name Zooba
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher Wildlife Studios
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited money gems, skills, life, all characters unlocked
Size 224MB
Version 4.28.0
Category Action
Get It On MOD Google Play
Price FREE
Update 08/12/2023 (8 hours ago )

Zooba is a cult battle royale game built on a zoo theme. It brings you online survival battles that can not be more fun and attractive. You will enter the battlefield with up to 45 other players in fun game modes. And your mission is to take the top position of all species by defeating the rest. There are dozens of animal characters to choose from, and each has its own set of skills. Don’t hesitate to unlock them all and role-play them in your fight for survival. The battlefield is where skill and strategy are the top two factors that make your victory. Show it off to conquer the global rankings.

Download Zooba – Multiplayer online survival gameplay

Referring to the battle royale genre, we often immediately think of PUBG Mobile. But Zooba is also an equally hot name. It’s easier to play and more user-friendly than PUBG Mobile because of its animal-inspired design. But that doesn’t mean it’s more boring, it’s even more fun and addictive. The game has 2 main modes, including Solo and Team. So you can play alone or co-op with friends to join the online survival battleground. Each battle will have a maximum of 45 players. The battlefield map is a large open world with scattered weapons and items. Each player’s task is to gather resources and fight others until he is the last one standing.


Join the fierce battles

Just choose your character and mode and you’ll be right into a multiplayer war. There, you should start by moving around the map in search of weapons and other necessary items. There are dozens of different weapons from pistols to rifles, machine guns, sniper rifles, bows, spears, grenades, and more. Besides, you can find support items such as first aid boxes, armor, boosters, etc. You need to take advantage of these to gain an advantage in the battle. Besides, each hero will have his own set of skills. So you need to know how to control your hero to get the most out of it.

In the battle, your job is to control the hero to defeat other players. Just use the joystick to move and click the corresponding virtual buttons to attack. Each hero will have 3 weapon slots and a special skill. You can combine weapons and skills to create powerful attack combos. But the most important thing is to move wisely and attack in time. Your enemies can hide in the bushes waiting to raid. So don’t forget to check the bushes first. In addition, the safe ring will shrink over time, drawing players closer together. Be prepared for intense battles in the final stages.


Unlock and upgrade zoo heroes

Zooba has more than 20 unique and fun characters that can be unlocked in your experience. It could be the fast feisty Nix, the big Pepper the giraffe, the aggressive Bruce the monkey, and many other animals. Each hero possesses unique stats, including HP, Damage, Range, and Agility. Besides, they can learn two skills, Active and Passive. You can upgrade your hero by unlocking new skills and spending money to improve stats. Each upgrade makes the character stronger and more flexible. That is the basis for you to gain an advantage in the battle with the enemy.

As can be seen, each hero has its own advantages and limitations. If you play in single mode, choosing a hero might not be so important. But if you play in Team mode, consider choosing a hero that gets along well with your allies. In a team, you need heroes with great damage, high agility, good healing, and more. A perfect squad can support each other, thereby improving the win rate of the whole team. The game has a leaderboard for you to compete against many players. Therefore, winning is always meant for you to climb the rankings.


Funny and friendly pictures

Unlike the cult battle royale games, this game has a rather humorous design style. It’s inspired by zoo animals from rats to snakes, monkeys, deer, turtles, buffalo, foxes, and more. So every hero looks very friendly and close to every player. The battlefield scene is always filled with colorful colors. The combat effects such as shooting, dropping bombs, and throwing javelins… are also very vivid. Everything contributes to the authentic survival immersive experience.


MOD Feature of Zooba

  • Mod Menu
  • Unlimited money
  • Unlimited gems
  • Unlimited skills
  • Unlimited life
  • all characters unlocked

All in all, Zooba is an attractive battle royale game that you should not miss. Download the game to your phone here to own great features. This is your chance to compete or co-op with friends around the world in exciting survival battles. Play as zoo heroes and show your agility and strength, are you ready?

Download Zooba MOD APK 4.28.0 for Android Latest Version 2023

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