Angry Gran Run {{version}} APK MOD (Character Unlock)
Angry Gran Run {{version}} APK MOD (Character Unlock)

Angry Gran Run 2.33.1 APK MOD (Character Unlock)

By The Toan - 07/12/2023 (3 months ago) - 44MB
Name Angry Gran Run
Updated On 07/12/2023
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Ace Viral
Size 44MB
Version 2.33.1
MOD Features Character Unlocked
Update 07/12/2023 (3 months ago )

Run away from enemies in the action-adventure game Angry Gran Run. This game belongs to the offline racing genre. Free to play after download, with fun gameplay. The content opens with a story about the character Granny being chased by agent Fred in white. Your mission is to accompany Granny on a challenging racing journey. Set in the streets, with lots of dangerous obstacles. Need to dodge to continue the race to move forward. Similar to games with such themes. Achievement in each race is shown by the distance traveled. Accordingly, they will aim to surpass their own achievements that have been achieved before. By running as far as possible.

Download Angry Gran Run – Accompany Granny in the Escape

The story of Angry Gran Run revolves around the character Granny. Incarcerated in an asylum, with a plot to escape. As soon as he performed the act of running away, he was chased by agent Fred. Now only you can help Granny escape from agent Fred chasing behind. Accordingly will open an endless racing adventure. The process takes place on streets with many different terrains. It is necessary to move and perform non-stop maneuvers to move forward. Aim to escape the pursuer to enjoy a free life. Unbound by confinement inside a terrifying asylum.Angry Gran Run

Obstacles and pitfalls

As introduced in the context of Angry Gran Run. Opens up on the streets with many different terrains. Along with that are obstacles of many types. They block the road, putting you in danger of collision. That would lead to failure, causing the race to end. For example some pitfalls such as vehicles, billboards, and barriers. Or even giant monsters that appear randomly. Children with many other dangers will have to face after participating in the game. Each trap is scattered throughout the course of the race. At the same time, over time, the density will appear denser and denser than before.Game Angry Gran Run

Take action

Face the pitfalls that appear on the race track at Angry Gran Run. You need to help the character perform different actions to dodge. Automatically run forward, jump up, slide over and swerve left and right. Combine flexibly and accurately to be able to dodge quickly. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the distance when doing it, because it can cause an accident that ends the journey. For example, when jumping over the barrier in front, if the jump distance is too far or too close, you will stumble. Then will be caught by agent Fred and cause the race to stop. Or to the bends, if not quickly changed direction will rush into the terrain.Angry Gran Run

Unlock multiple locations

Through the race in Angry Gran Run. There will be opportunities to explore many different locations. Simulated in a beautiful environment, with impressive landscape design. Examples include the subway, the fairy temple, the jungle, and the city. Each location recreates the roads in different terrains. Changed according to the distance running forward.

On the routes in the locations of Angry Gran Run. Gold coins bearing the star symbol appeared scattered on the road. Don’t miss out and need to collect as much as possible. To accumulate a large amount of money that can be used to trade, unlock and upgrade. Besides, there is also a chance to collect letters that appear randomly. When you accumulate enough letters to merge into a complete word, you will receive an extra big bonus.Download Angry Gran Run

More than 70 outfits

To increase the variety of racing gameplay of Angry Gran Run. The supplier opened more than 70 different outfits. Help you change the appearance and appearance of your character to become different. From there, it will increase the exciting experience on the endless race track. Examples include 70s costumes, zombie costumes, youth costumes, and ninjas. When you join, you will have the opportunity to discover more. But need to use the bonus to unlock, then can own.

Upgrading the character’s strength is one of the factors that need to be done. Because on the race track at Angry Gran Run will have to face many enemies. To be able to defeat them will have to improve their strength. Enhance equipment’s ability for better effect. There are many devices to use, including Bullet Time, and Invincible Shields. They are used to attack targets that stand in the way. Will automatically execute on approach.