Blossom Blast Saga 100.147.1 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Full Money]
Blossom Blast Saga 100.147.1 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Full Money]

Blossom Blast Saga 100.147.1 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Full Money]

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Blossom Blast Saga is one of the famous games of King Developer. Blossom Blast Saga has quickly become a mobile game phenomenon. In the game, you will enter a colourful world. This is the world of bright and beautiful flowers appearing. Your task is to connect flowers of the same colour. When the flower chain blooms, more flowers will explode, giving you big scores. At the same time, the game also presents unique challenges and goals. This helps players always have specific goals to achieve.

Blossom Blast Saga MOD APK – Explore the endless match 3 flower garden

You will encounter squares divided into grids. You aim to connect flowers of the same colour to create a blooming effect. When you select a flower and link it correctly, adjacent flowers of the same colour will bloom. The flower chain will grow and bloom as you make new flower connections. Through each level, you will have to complete specific goals. It could be destroying some unique tiles or gaining a certain number of points.

Besides the game, there are other exciting activities and features for you to explore. For example, particular flowers can create special effects. When they are linked, there will be a chain reaction of blooming more flowers. You can also get support items and use them to solve difficult situations. You will be mesmerized by the bright and colourful flowers and the excitement whenever you create beautiful flower chains.

Hundreds of intellectual challenges

Each challenge in Blossom Blast Saga requires thinking and strategy. You will have to think intelligently and quickly. It’s how to create the proper flower sequence and achieve the goal. For example, in some challenges, you may only be allowed to use a limited number of pairings. Therefore, you need to calculate carefully for maximum efficiency with each pairing. Meanwhile, other levels may require you to break unique tiles, remove the toxic flower, or reach a specific score in a limited time. What’s interesting is that Blossom Blast Saga constantly offers new and unique challenges. You will face different obstacles. For example, the stone blocking the way, the tangled tree roots and the mysterious field of clouds. These factors create complex situations and require you to think creatively.

Conquer four exciting puzzle modes

You will have the opportunity to conquer four exciting puzzle modes. MODLMH will help you learn some basic features of each mode in this game:

Flower Puzzle Mode: This is the primary story mode of Blossom Blast Saga. You will go through each colourful and attractive flower garden. Each garden has its own story and specific goals. You will face challenges like breaking unique tiles, freeing trapped flowers, or collecting score objectives.

Special Puzzle Mode: In this mode, you will encounter unique puzzles. You will be faced with barriers such as bubbles, unique flower shapes or fields of clouds. Your task is to find a way to overcome these obstacles. This mode challenges you to think creatively and presents unique challenges.

Time puzzle mode: You will have a limited time to break the flower chains and reach the required score. The countdown timer will create pressure and require you to play quickly and efficiently. Time quiz mode helps to test your concentration and reaction ability.

Weekly special puzzle mode: This is a special mode that is updated weekly. It gives you new challenges every week. You will face unique goals. Players must use their skills to overcome them. This mode gives you a chance to compete with other players around the world. At the same time, you will also receive attractive rewards if you achieve good results.

Progress and share

You will track your progress through levels and achievements. You will receive a score based on your performance each time you complete a level. This score will be essential in tracking your progress and comparing it with other players on the leaderboard. In addition to the score, the game also gives you completion stars. The number of stars you get depends on your performance at each level. The goal is to try to get three stars at each level. This requires ingenuity and strategy. This is the factor in achieving a specific goal in the shortest time.

Besides, Blossom Blast Saga also allows you to connect to your Facebook account. That way, you can share your achievements and progress with your friends. You can compare your score and stars with your friend’s list. Even challenge them to see who is the best player. Sharing your achievements on Facebook also allows you to receive praise and encouragement from your friends. Thereby creating more motivation for you to continue to overcome the following challenges. The game also updates special events and challenges every week. You will be testing your talent and competing with other players worldwide.

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Name ID Blossom Blast Saga
Updated On 09/05/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher King
Size 84MB
New version 100.147.1
MOD Info Unlimited Full Money
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