Cookie Cats Pop 1.76.2 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Full Money]
Cookie Cats Pop 1.76.2 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Full Money]

Cookie Cats Pop 1.76.2 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Full Money]

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Solve Cookie Cats Pop puzzles with bubble shooting mechanics at MODLMH. This is a puzzle game for fans of popping games. The content revolves around the rescue of cats who are stuck with candy in colorful bubbles. Accordingly, you will have to shoot bubbles of the same color to break. From there, rescue all the cats and complete the mission. Here you can play in an offline mode completely for free. But if you want to experience all the game’s features, you will have to connect to the network to participate in online mode. Then you can challenge your friends to join and prove your skills with scores. Besides, enjoy bright graphics and vivid sound effects.

Cookie Cats Pop MOD APK – Rescue Trapped Cats in Bubble Shooter

Go on a puzzle adventure with cats Rita, Belle, Smokey, Berry, and Ziggy. There are many other cats to be discovered after entering the journey. Each cat is cutely shaped and has its own coat of color. Accordingly, you will be accompanied by one of the cats in each puzzle level. Go on a mission to rescue the remaining cats trapped in the bubbles. According to the shooting mechanism that takes place during the game. The cat will stand at the bottom with a gun with a limited number of bubbles. The mission is to burst the balloons floating above the head. The goal is to break the whole thing and successfully rescue all the cats.Download Cookie Cats Pop MOD

The gameplay takes place in each level

Do quests according to the game’s story. Challenging levels unfold in order. Each level features a bubble shooter puzzle mission. Give a specific number of cats to rescue and a limited number of shots. Accordingly, you will in turn shoot each bubble with a random color generated after each turn. Try to break the bubbles floating above by shooting exactly the same type. After they break, they will rescue each trapped cat in turn. As each shot takes place, a successful rescue will complete the mission at a level. Based on the achievement achieved, there will be a chance to randomly receive gold coins bearing the cat symbol.Game Cookie Cats Pop MOD

More than 1500 levels with increasing challenge

Currently, Cookie Cats Pop game has more than 1500 different levels. In order each time starting a new level, the challenge will increase. Many changes increase the difficulty of the mission. As shown by the number of cats trapped in the bubbles, need to rescue more. The arrangement of the bubbles creates a challenge, making it difficult for you to burst all of them with a small number of turns. Not stopping there, the number of balls to burst will increase larger than before. This will make you an accurate and smart shooting strategy. Only then will you be able to complete the task successfully?Cookie Cats Pop MOD

Achievements are expressed through the number of stars

Achievement in each bubble shooting level is shown by the number of stars. Each star will correspond to the number of points achieved in the process of rescuing the cats. Accordingly, each round of bubble shooting and breaking, based on the number of balls, the corresponding number of points will be increased. Besides, after completing the mission to rescue all the trapped cats. Based on the number of shots left, from there they will transform into bubbles of different colors. Simultaneously explode to increase achievement points.

Special types of bubbles

To be able to overcome challenges revolving around bursting bubbles to rescue cats. In addition to shooting the ball accurately and following a smart strategy. Also need support from special bubbles. Accordingly, they bring their own abilities after being used. For example, fire bubbles, after firing will create a fire to burn many bubbles at the same time. There are many other special balls that you will discover after participating.Ear Cookie Cats Pop MOD

The process of performing the task of shooting bubbles in each level of Cookie Cats Pop. The cat is supported with a bar of a certain length. Especially when adjusting the bar towards either side of the terrain. It will then change its trajectory, helping you determine the path of the ball after shooting. From there will increase the accuracy to be able to burst the bubbles. Besides, you can swap another balloon. For example, the next turn will shoot a red ball, which you can exchange with the ball used in the current turn.

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Name ID Cookie Cats Pop - Bubble Pop
Updated On 11/06/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Tactile Games
Size 98MB
New version 1.76.2
MOD Info Unlimited Full Money
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Update 11/06/2024 (2 weeks ago )