Crab War 3.69.0 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Pearls/Boosters]

Crab War 3.69.0 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Pearls/Boosters]

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Crab War 3.69.0 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Pearls/Boosters]

Follow the idle gameplay that revolves around the story of the family of crabs and scaly reptiles. Through that bring everyone to enjoy the game Crab War. Open story-based battles, with many different levels. Especially combined in idle style. The quest to earn fame points and collect king crab parts. Aim to defeat the giant reptiles trying to dominate. The above content will help you enjoy many features. Explore the crab family system with more than 80 species. They can evolve to control 33 battle leaders. Simultaneously unlock 6 features, with more than 18 different enlightenment. Give them a variety of attacks. In particular, you will have to hunt down more than 50 species of scaly reptiles. Destroy them according to each challenge to complete the mission in progress.

Crab War MOD APK – Lead the Crab Family to Fight Giant Reptiles

The story of Crab War opens very funnily. According to the legend of the invasion of giant reptiles. Make them run away by burrowing deep underground. But over time, centuries later. Thanks to the crystal block that emits energy, it helps them absorb power. The crab family gathers together to prepare for a big fight. In order to take revenge on the old feud, as well as regain their rights. Accordingly, leading the battle is the king crab. Gathered forces, and developed a powerful army. At the same time constantly evolving to become superior. From there launch a general attack to repel the scaly reptiles. The goal of regaining fertile land was taken away centuries ago.Download Crab War

Task by challenge, the process takes place

The mission system of Crab War follows the legendary story. Unleash a war in idle gameplay. Divided into each level in ascending order. In each level that takes place, the crab family will have to face a giant reptile. After defeating them, you can win to collect reputation points. At the same time keep moving forward to reach new levels. Faced with other reptiles, capable of superiority. One attack from them will take a lot of crab lives. At the same time, the defense is also very large, making it difficult for the crab family. To be able to overcome the challenge will need your support. Continuously summon crab species and gather them in large numbers. Non-stop fierce attacks, causing enemies to be quickly destroyed.Game Crab War

There are more than 80 species of common crabs and 33 leader crabs

According to the information provided by Appxplore. The Crab War game has more than 80 different species of crabs. Each species has its own attack stat. At the same time, the difference is also reflected in the color and design. From time to time make they attack these giant reptiles. Accumulate reputation points, which can be used to upgrade. Enhance their fighting ability. Not stopping there, from the evolution of the crab family. Will create 33 species of giant crabs of great size. Possesses strength that surpasses ordinary crabs. From attack power to dealing massive damage to enemies. Until the ability to withstand being attacked by them. However, to be able to evolve a species of leader crab. It will be necessary to go through a process with many different activities.Tai Crab War

More than 50 species of reptiles and bosses

From the war in the game Crab War. The crab family will have to fend off more than 50 species of giant reptiles. They are modeled after scaly animals. The difference is not only in appearance but also in specific colors. At the same time possessing terrifying power, with a high degree of danger. Can take multiple lives of the crab family in a single attack. Overcome challenges in combat missions. You will learn about each reptile in turn and its abilities. Moreover, when it comes to a certain stage in the process of regaining fertile land. The crab family will have to face the reptile boss. With greater power, make they meet a lot of challenges. They will even be wiped out if they can’t fight back. To win will have to summon the killer crab species.Crab War

Modified MOD information of Crab War

  • MOD Menu
  • Huge Amount Of Money
  • Huge Amount Of gold
  • Huge Amount Of pearls
  • Huge Amount Of everything
  • free shopping

In addition to the common crabs and the leader crabs in Crab War. To develop their power will have to evolve. Through 18 different types of skills can be learned. Each skill will bring a unique ability of its own. Shown through attack style and deal damage to enemies. Furthermore, use the genetic tree provided by the system. You can then modify the genes of the crab species in your own way. Or collect king crab parts to fuse. Will bring great power to fight against dangerous reptiles.

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Name ID Crab War
Updated On 07/06/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Appxplore (iCandy)
Size 104MB
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New version 3.69.0
MOD Info Unlimited Pearls/Boosters
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