Criminal Case 2.41 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Energy/Hints]

Criminal Case 2.41 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Energy/Hints]

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Criminal Case 2.41 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Energy/Hints]

Criminal Case is a famous detective and puzzle game on mobile platforms. The game’s content revolves around the player playing the role of a detective and participating in criminal investigations. The game is divided into separate cases. Each case is a dramatic story that players must solve. Your task is to search for traces and collect evidence. From there, analyze information to find suspects and solve the case. Criminal Case stands out with quality graphics and complex detective elements. The game makes players feel like they are participating in a real investigation. At the same time, it helps each person develop analytical and reasoning skills. The game also has a social element through connecting with friends and challenges. Criminal Case has become an icon in the mobile detective game genre.

Criminal Case MOD APK – Become a talented detective

Each case in Criminal Case is a story with complicated characters and circumstances. Players will start by receiving tasks from the boss. You will then have to investigate the crime scene, search for traces, and analyze evidence. This includes finding hidden items in images and performing DNA analysis. Even listen to the testimony of witnesses and suspects. An essential part of the game is the ability to analyze information and logic. Players must grasp small details. Then, combine them to find the connection between different factors in the case. You also face deadline challenges. This is to keep the story exciting and tense. During the investigation process, players will regularly develop skills and knowledge. Over time, you will become more proficient at solving complex cases. The ultimate goal is to find the suspect and bring him to justice.

Crime scene investigation

The crime scene is designed with several diverse objects and environments. Players must search for hidden objects in images by clicking on them. Or use investigative tools like flashlights, camera tents, or sound filters. When potential items are found, players will collect them to analyze later. You can examine materials under a microscope, classify DNA samples, or look for traces from intelligence tools. All this information will be stored in the investigation file. They help players identify essential paths in the case. This process requires sophistication and attention to detail. Players must consider every angle, examining each object and area meticulously to avoid missing vital information. Analytical ability and sharp observation skills will bring you success.

Explore the city

The city in Criminal Case is divided into many different areas. Players will move through these areas to perform their tasks. Areas include city centers, suburbs, port areas, commercial centers, etc… Each room has a unique appearance and environment. From crowded streets to beautiful flower gardens. These locations are vividly illustrated and have many exciting details to explore. The game also allows players to visit different shops and establishments, such as coffee shops, pet stores, and schools. This connects the game character’s daily life and the crime investigation mission. Players can grasp an overview of the city and feel its unique culture.

Criminal Case captivates players with complex stories and dramatic details. Each case brings a case with mysteries and confusion. Players will follow the stories of the characters in the game and try to find out the truth behind the claims. It immerses players in the world of crime investigation and crime solving. This factor always brings excitement and tension every moment. Don’t hesitate to join MODLMH in the world of detectives in Criminal Cases right now!

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Name ID Criminal Case
Updated On 08/07/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Pretty Simple
Size 62MB
New version 2.41
MOD Info Unlimited Energy/Hints
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