Dancing Ballz 2.5.6 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Gems, Lives, Skins]

Dancing Ballz 2.5.6 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Gems, Lives, Skins]

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Dancing Ballz 2.5.6 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Gems, Lives, Skins]

Do you want to enjoy a music game? What’s more, is a combination of touch to perform obstacle action. If you want to experience it, you can come to Dancing Ballz. This is a game with simple content, but addictive. With an obstacle course theme to perform music tunes. Aim to complete a song with the best achievement. Accordingly, you will have the opportunity to discover many famous songs. Through performing tasks according to each level of play. With a series of challenges taking place, revolving around rolling ball activities. Even more special when just performing a simple touch on the screen. To make sure the ball doesn’t go out of the way. From there can overcome the challenge to complete the task.

Dancing Ballz MOD APK – Control Ball Roll And Avoid Traps To Complete The Track

According to the content of the music game Dancing Ballz. The task of overcoming the challenge is to perfect a piece of music. Through active ball rolling on the light path. With lively music melodies played throughout the journey. You need to control the ball to overcome the obstacles. Aim not to deviate from the road to keep moving forward. Circular icons that represent when to touch. Immediately, it will help the ball bounce over so as not to fall into the hole. As well as avoiding pitfalls so the song can continue playing. Experiencing a journey and time to perform the task. When you reach the final destination, you will successfully overcome the challenge.Dancing Ballz

Missions according to each level of play

How does the gameplay of Dancing Ballz play out? Experiencing each mission or overcoming challenges? Accordingly, you will have to perform tasks with each level. Each level is a different song, bringing a lively soundtrack. However, the way the ball rolls will be recreated differently. Through tapping when it’s time to go. Help the ball bounce to escape the trap. Or change direction so as not to stray from the road. Over time and try to maintain that until the ball rolls to the finish line. From there will complete the task of a level.Tai Dancing Ballz

Many elements change after each level

Take part in the next challenges of Dancing Ballz. There will be many changes to make it more interesting. The system opens a new song, with lively music melodies. At the same time, the distance the ball rolls will be longer than before. As well as the road is designed with many turns and pitfalls. With an increased number of times to perform the touch operation. Not stopping there, the tempo in each level also changes over time. The speed of the ball rolling will be faster, making you have to focus on observing to make touches.Download Dancing Ballz

Colorful background scene

The Dancing Ballz game is set in a light space. The background scene is shown through color. At the same time will be converted into stages during the game. The terrain is designed in its own style. That difference is also reflected in the touchpoints to control the ball bouncing over and turning. For example some background scenes like blue, pink, purple, red, white, and more. They are combined with light to make them stand out. The same effect of the ball rolling on the road after each touch to overcome the pitfalls. Uniquely recreated for an exciting journey.

Many famous songs

A lot of famous singing bowls are provided by Dancing Ballz. They are inspired by tracks composed by many artists. In the process of playing each level. You will enjoy the vibrant music of each song. For example, some songs like EDM Party, Emotional EDM, Epic Dubstep, Gaming Dubstep, etc. More music will be discovered after completing each task in turn. According to the information learned, the game has more than 40 hot tracks. Let you freely explore and enjoy the vibrancy of the tunes.Game Dancing Ballz

Similar to other music games on the market. Not just the Dancing Ballz game. Achievements in each level are represented by the number of stars. A level of play can reach a maximum of 3 stars. But to do that, you must complete the song with 100% progress. Because each star corresponds to a condition that must be met. Based on your achievements in each level of participating music. Complete the mission with the maximum number of stars. Then you will prove your skills. At the same time, it will have to continuously improve to be more agile. Aim to overcome the pitfalls on the light track with precision and flexibility.

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Name ID Dancing Ballz
Updated On 13/07/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Size 42MB
New version 2.5.6
MOD Info Unlimited Gems, No ADS
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