Catch Tiles Magic Piano Game 2.1.11 APK MOD [Multiple Resources, Unlock Music]
Catch Tiles Magic Piano Game 2.1.11 APK MOD [Multiple Resources, Unlock Music]

Catch Tiles Magic Piano Game 2.1.11 APK MOD [Multiple Resources, Unlock Music]

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Enjoy your own music in the Catch Tiles Magic Piano Game at MODLMH. Like other piano tiles music games, the gameplay is similar. Accordingly, the seller will enjoy live music. Reimagined with melodies on a running platform. From there, test the flexibility of your fingers to test the limit. This game is completely free to experience after downloading. With a lot of songs updated to bring a huge music store. But not stopping there, you can also download your favorite songs from your mobile device. Especially, there is also the opportunity to compete with other players around the world. Compare scores gained through the process of playing.

Catch Tiles Magic Piano Game MOD APK – Music Game Played On A Vivid Background

The content of the game revolves around the activity of creating the musical melodies of a song. That process will take place on an automated vertical platform. Divided into 4 lanes with random occurrences of black bars in the form of piano keys. Also, a keyboard shows a cute cat or cat paw icon. Rely on simple touch mechanics to take action. You need to accurately touch or hold all the keys drifting to create a complete piece of music. That process is absolutely flawless because just one mistake will end the game. Then you will have to start over from the starting point of the song you choose.Catch Tiles Magic Piano Game MOD

The gameplay takes place

Test your finger flexibility and accuracy through the tracks. Choose a song to start enjoying the great tunes. That process will appear piano keys drifting down over 4 lanes in the platform. You need to touch to create a melody and not miss any keys. As time goes by, the tempo of the song increases rapidly and the difficulty increases. Accordingly, the drift speed of the keys is faster than before, and at the same time, they appear dense with different lengths. Make you have to concentrate very hard to pass. After completing a complete piece of music, do not miss any keys. From there will have the opportunity to unlock to continue enjoying the new song.Game Catch Tiles Magic Piano Game MOD

Notice the piano keys

The process of playing music in the game Catch Tiles Magic Piano Game requires attention to the piano keys. They come in a variety of lengths. Accordingly, for short keys, just touch to create a melody. But when a long key appears, it should be touched and held until it floats away. Moreover, sometimes it is necessary to use both fingers to play. Because there will be times when two piano keys appear together in two lanes and corresponding lengths.Tai Catch Tiles Magic Piano Game MOD

Rewards are received based on achievements

Achievements in each game screen are evaluated by the number of stars, up to 3 stars. Based on the playing time in a song, when reaching a certain stage will receive a star. Accordingly, completing a complete song will reach the maximum number of stars. From there will receive gold coins with the corresponding amount. Besides, you can also earn more money through daily reward activities. Or participate in the lucky spin for a chance to receive many valuable rewards. From there, they can be used for different purposes.

Huge music store with many genres

Promises to bring lively music when participating. Here the game provides a diverse music collection, with many different songs. For example, Never Be Alone, Love is Blue, Retrayal,… and many more. With a huge music store divided into many genres such as EDM, anime, POP, Classic, KPOP, and more. From there, you can freely explore to enjoy great music. But to be able to enjoy new music, you need to unlock it. Through the use of money to buy in the game store. Besides, you can also add from your mobile device your favorite songs.Download Catch Tiles Magic Piano Game MOD

As introduced earlier at the beginning of the game Catch Tiles Magic Piano Game. Here you do not only participate in the levels in offline mode. Can connect to the network to compete with online players. Accordingly, they will enjoy a song and play music on one platform. The ranking of winners and losers is based on the achievement points achieved after the end. Moreover, you can compare scores with friends or top players on the leaderboard.

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Name ID Catch Tiles Magic Piano Game
Updated On 13/06/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher WingsMob
Size 80MB
New version 2.1.11
MOD Info Multiple Resources, Unlock Music
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Update 13/06/2024 (5 days ago )