Dash Quest 2 1.4.07 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Coins, Diamonds]
Dash Quest 2 1.4.07 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Coins, Diamonds]

Dash Quest 2 1.4.07 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Coins, Diamonds]

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Follow the RPG gameplay to transform into a hero in the game Dash Quest 2. You will have to fight dangerous enemies through the levels. Take on a mission to wipe the whole thing and move through the challenging track. Complete the path containing countless dangers ahead, thereby winning. This game is the second part to follow the content of the previous version. With many new features added and improved. Promises to bring you an extremely interesting and exciting adventure. To increase the experience for all players when participating. The graphics have been designed in a classic 16-bit pixel style. Combined with vivid sound effects that are reproduced throughout the playing process.

Dash Quest 2 MOD APK – Adventure Through Levels To Protect The World From The Dark Forces

Thousands of years ago, a fierce war took place. The lone hero Dash was alone against the attack of the dark forces. Aim to save the world from domination by the enemy and protect the people. But throughout thousands of years to the present. The dark forces have not stopped yet, and are plotting to return again. The top bosses swear to destroy humanity to rule the world. In the face of potential danger, you as the successor inherited the ideology of the old Dash hero. Continue the mission of the ancestors to fight the dark forces and restore peace to the whole world. Accordingly, there will be countless challenges when participating in the war.Dash Quest 2 MOD

Fight many enemies and bosses

Take on a mission against the dark forces to protect the world. Accordingly, you will have to face a lot of different enemies. Includes demons, zombies, monsters, goblins,… and many more. Each enemy is shaped in its own style, expressed through shape and appearance. For example, plant elves, dragon monsters, ferocious beasts, and many other enemies. The difference between them is also reflected in their fighting ability. Also, attack in their own way when faced. Pay special attention to the size of the enemy, because those with larger sizes will possess superior abilities. From health stats to attack and defense.

Facing common enemies in battles isn’t the biggest challenge yet. Accordingly, when reaching a certain stage, they still have to fight the boss. Possessing strength that surpasses those of the enemies ever encountered. At the same time, the extremely fierce attack will make you face many difficulties. Even if you can’t kill the boss, even at the cost of your life.Game Dash Quest 2 MOD

Level quests with increasing challenge

Follow the story of the game Dash Quest 2 to do level missions. Each level opens up a challenging road adventure. With the appearance of many enemies obstructing. They will rush to attack to take your life. There is no choice but to fight, using equipped weapons and combining skills. From there, attack strongly on the enemy to deal damage to destroy. After surviving, moving all the way will end a journey. Depending on the achievement and difficulty of the mission will receive corresponding rewards. Drunk can continue to new adventures with increased difficulty.Ear Dash Quest 2 MOD

Multiple maps in environments

Go on adventures to go on a mission to protect the world. Accordingly, there will be the opportunity to explore many different maps. Typical are the barren desert, mysterious copper caves, burnt fields, and ancient ruins. There are some other maps that will be discovered after coming to new journeys. In each map, the environment is reproduced differently. Expressed through the surrounding context, weather conditions, and terrain. For example, being in a mysterious cave in the dark. With the appearance of many dangerous enemies possessing terrifying power.Download Dash Quest 2 MOD

To be able to overcome the challenges in the adventure of Dash Quest 2. It is necessary to strengthen the hero’s fighting ability. Through equipping weapons, armor, helmets, and jewelry. Each type of equipment is divided into different levels. You will have to upgrade to increase attribute stats, thereby improving combat power. Besides, it is also possible to learn more skills to use a variety of attacks. For example, create a large pillar of fire to deal extensive damage. Or the ability to freeze, immobilize hit enemies for a short period of time. There are many other skills that you will discover later.

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Name ID Dash Quest 2
Updated On 11/06/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Trophy Games - Football Manager makers
Size 80MB
New version 1.4.07
MOD Info Unlimited Coins, Diamonds
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Update 11/06/2024 (1 week ago )