Design Stories 0.5.23 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]
Design Stories 0.5.23 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

Design Stories 0.5.23 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

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Design Stories is an engaging and creative simulation game. Players can showcase their design talents by creating unique and customized living spaces according to personal taste. With a bright and intuitive 3D graphics environment, the game offers a fun experience for building and decorating houses, apartments, shops and various spaces. The game creates a variety of materials, furniture and accessories. Players can freely choose and combine to create impressive designs. From choosing colours, they were arranging furniture to taking care of bonsai. Let’s even create relaxing gardens. All at your fingertips. Design Stories also brings players into the lives of virtual people. Help you understand and meet their needs through service delivery and interaction. You will go through a journey full of challenges and creativity.

Design Stories MOD APK – Become a talented designer

You will step into the role of the creator. Players will freely express their ideas and design talents through building, decorating and customizing living spaces in their style, from choosing colours and interior layouts to choosing materials and accessories. You will face challenges and difficult design decisions. Your creativity will be shown through every detail and perspective, from creating a comfortable living environment for the family to designing a unique fashion store or a creative office. It’s not just about design. You also have the opportunity to interact with the virtual people in the game. Understand their needs and desires. Thereby satisfying them through providing services and creating quality living spaces. Being a great designer in Design Stories is about decorating spaces and creating vivid and meaningful experiences for virtual people.

Solve puzzles

In Design Stories, solving puzzles is essential content. You will face logical and intellectual challenges. From deciphering codes to unlocking doors to finding hidden items. Up to solving complex puzzles related to interior design and decoration. The puzzles in the game can be varied and creative. Ask players to think flexibly and find ways to apply their knowledge and skills to find solutions. You may have to learn the structure of a space. Find the right puzzle pieces to complete a picture. Or even have to create design plans to meet the needs of virtual residents. Not just an opportunity to challenge the intellect. Puzzle solving also provides excitement and excitement as you explore new aspects of the game.

Explore places

Each location has its own look and design style. You can learn and explore different design styles, from modern and minimalist to classic and romantic. Or even create your unique styles. Exploring locations helps you visit and learn about the game world. It also opens up the opportunity to learn about virtual people and their needs. From designing a living space for a family to building a fashion store that matches customers’ preferences. You will go through an exciting and meaningful journey of discovery and interaction in Design Stories.

Unlock new content

You’ll enjoy new content as you complete missions, challenges, and in-game activities. Includes locations, items, design styles, and interaction opportunities. New content opens to bring creativity to the play experience. You can explore and design entirely new living spaces. Experiment with different design styles. Face new design challenges to develop your skills. Unlocking new content also accelerates your progress in the game. You will feel excited and want to keep playing to discover new things in Design Stories. New content can also come with unique missions and exciting challenges. It helps you to try and improve your design skills.

Design Stories is a fascinating game. It allows players to showcase their design talents, especially in constructing and decorating living spaces. With a bright and intuitive 3D graphics environment, the game creates a diverse and rich virtual living space. Allows players to customize and show off their design style. This is a game experience worth trying for those who love this game. Let’s become talented designers with MODLMH to create dreamy living spaces.

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Name ID Design Stories
Updated On 11/06/2024
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher Kurshi LLC
Size 151MB
New version 0.5.23
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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