Drift Tuner 2019 38 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money, Gold]

Drift Tuner 2019 38 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money, Gold]

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Drift Tuner 2019 38 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money, Gold]

Customize your racing car in Drift Tuner 2019. Through a series of different parts to change the design of the car. Simultaneously interfere with the operating system to adjust. Then use it to participate in drift races on the road. Show off adventurous drifting techniques to drift freely on various maps. Prove your skills through achievement points earned on the road. This game is in the racing category of the publisher Moonbeam Apps. When participating can experience it in offline mode. With a series of exciting features that are completely free to play. But besides that, there will be some things that require a fee to use. Through the use of the game’s featured currency to trade.

Drift Tuner 2019 MOD APK – Design Your Race Car to Participate in Drift Races

Build sharp 3D-based graphics. The game promises to open up attractive and realistic races when participating. Accordingly, you will experience stunning images with high quality. Combine the motion effects of racing cars when moving on the road. For example, when performing the drift technique to drift, under the friction of the tires on the road surface. From there will create a smoky effect to give a realistic feeling of drift. Besides, the game’s sound system is designed to be lively. Depending on the activities taking place on the road, the sound will be flexibly changed to match the scene. For example, the sound from the engine’s explosion when pressing the accelerator.Drift Tuner 2019 MOD

There are 4 race locations

The races in the game will be opened in 4 different locations. Including racetrack, harbor, parking area in the city center. In each location is simulated the context in its own way. Expressed through surroundings and terrain. For example in the parking lot that is opened in the night scene. With bright street lights and a humid environment. Or the harbor location, the environment created by containers and asphalt. The scene is reproduced in daylight conditions, providing a visual perspective. As the races take place, gradually you will discover locations in the game.Game Drift Tuner 2019 MOD

There are 11 vehicles

According to the information provided about the racing car system in Drift Tuner 2019. Currently, the game has 11 different vehicles for you to explore. They are all two-door sports cars with a unique designs. That difference is reflected in the design of the head, body, and tail. The performance of each vehicle is evaluated through different indicators. You can find out the details of the operating system of each model in the garage. But besides that it should be noted, in addition to some cars are unlocked by default when starting. The rest have to pay a new fee to own. For example GTR35 Rocket, S15 Rocket, S14 Kouki, 350Z,… and more.Download Drift Tuner 2019 MOD

Control system

The operating mechanism when driving a racing car on the road is designed to be intuitive. Use the arrow keys and characteristic icons to navigate the vehicle. Accordingly, to navigate the vehicle will be through two left and right arrows displayed in the left corner of the screen. The combination of the brake and accelerator pedals is displayed in the right corner. You just need to touch and hold to operate. But besides that, it needs to be combined with the handbrake to be able to perform the drifting technique. In addition, the game also supports the car’s rev counter. Along with the system to display the angle of rotation of the wheels on the road.Tai Drift Tuner 2019 MOD

Customize the car’s exterior

On a race car you love, then customize the exterior with a variety of parts. Go through the game’s garage to make adjustments and design. Change paint color with more than 100 different colors. For example red, black, white, yellow and many more. Besides, you can also cover more equipment to increase the prominence. Includes rear spoiler, front and rear bumper covers. Customize wheels and paint rims with desired color. There are many other parts that will be used to change the design of the car. A unique combination can create a car that stands out and is different.

The game Drift Tuner 2019 also offers many different parts to customize the interior of the vehicle. For example, luxury or sports seats. It is also possible to intervene in the operating system to adjust the components in the vehicle. For example engines with types like Boost, AFR and Rev. Or change the wheel size to increase friction, helping the vehicle drift better on the road.

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Name ID Drift Tuner 2019
Updated On 06/07/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Moonbeam Apps
Size 130MB
New version 38
MOD Info Unlimited Money, Gold
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