Dungeon Survival 2.0.5 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money and gems]

Dungeon Survival 2.0.5 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money and gems]

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Dungeon Survival 2.0.5 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money and gems]

Dungeon Survival takes place in Dungeon Survival. You will have to fight many different enemies. Collect information to be able to complete the mission. Simultaneously fight countless dangerous enemies. There is a chance to find a lot of valuable items. The gameplay of this game takes place according to the plot. Accordingly, you will have to recruit and lead heroes on a challenging journey. With a turn-based play mechanism used during combat. Requires your strategy to position the heroes. Aim to defeat the fearsome enemies so that you can continue the adventure. Explore new areas in the dark dungeon. Aim for the ultimate goal of sweeping everything and conquering the dungeon.

Dungeon Survival MOD APK – Recruit Heroes to Explore Dungeons

The context of Dungeon Survival opens in a town called Black Haze. This place is a famous place located in the border area. Owning rare mineral mines. But after exploiting all the resources turned the town into difficult times. Not stopping there, the former lord of the kingdom has mysteriously disappeared. That causes the balance to be broken. Now, in the town of Black Haze, it is impossible to distinguish between good and evil. This leads to an impending disaster if there is no timely intervention. Accordingly, the reigning king has chosen you as a Royde. Assign a mission to bring balance to the land and learn about the strange events taking place.Dungeon Survival

Missions and gameplay take place

Become a Royde in the Dungeon Survival game. Your mission is to recruit heroes, up to 4 people. Lead them on an adventure in the dungeon. To uncover the unknown mysteries. At the same time collect information to clarify the mysterious events taking place. Accordingly, you will have to face a lot of dangerous enemies. They appear randomly on the path to be taken. To be able to continue advancing deeper into the dungeon. There is no other choice but to fight. Only after defeating the enemy is it possible to continue the journey.

Over time dungeon exploration takes place. The difficulty will increase with many changing factors. Face more fearsome enemies than before. They possess superior strength compared to the previous enemies. This puts the heroes in danger during combat. You will even have to die if you can’t defeat the enemy.Tai Dungeon Survival

Diverse hero system

In Dungeon Survival there are 9 different character classes. Including warriors, archers, mages, knights, gunners, and others. Each character class has many different heroes to recruit. Depending on your strategy, you can recruit heroes with unique abilities. For example, a sniper with the advantage of dealing physical damage from a distance. The mage uses magic to deal magic damage to enemies. Or knights using weapons and performing direct attacks. Besides, it is also necessary to pay attention to the weaknesses of each hero. There is no such thing as a perfect hero. For example, if they have an advantage in attack, they will be weak in health and defense.

Each hero has his own set of skills. With 4 different moves to use during combat. At the same time, they can also equip items to enhance their strength. Accordingly, the ability of each hero will be shown through the stats. Includes damage, health, defense, attack rate, strength, luck, and more.Download Dungeon Survival

Collect many items and resources

Go through hundreds of missions in Dungeon Survival. After completing the challenge revolves around destroying the enemy. There will be a chance to collect many valuable items. Or can find a treasure chest, and when unlocked will receive resources. From there you will obtain equipment such as weapons, armor, defensive shields, helmets, and chains. They can be used to equip heroes, and enhance combat power. At the same time, you also receive more experience points to accumulate. When the conditions are met, the heroes will rise to a new level.Dungeon Survival

Modified MOD information of Dungeon Survival

  • MOD Menu
  • Huge Amount Of Money
  • Huge Amount Of gems

Lots of scary enemies to face in the dungeons of Dungeon Survival. For example monsters, enemies, dry skeletons,… and many more. Through the journey, the hero will have to fight hundreds of enemies. They possess outstanding fighting power and attack in their own style. Moreover, when it comes to a certain mission, there is also a boss fight. Capable of surpassing ordinary enemies. The difference between bosses is shown by their large size, a huge amount of health, and more damage.

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Name ID Dungeon Survival
Updated On 08/07/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Frozen Frog
Size 56MB
New version 2.0.5
MOD Info Menu, Unlimited money and gems
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