Raid: Shadow Legends 8.60.0 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money gems, god mode, Battle Speed Multiplier]
Raid: Shadow Legends 8.60.0 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money gems, god mode, Battle Speed Multiplier]

Raid: Shadow Legends 8.60.0 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money gems, god mode, Battle Speed Multiplier]

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Raid: Shadow Legends opens an action-adventure of heroes. Follow the RPG role-playing gameplay combined with content. The game rules are turn-based, revolving around the fight against dangerous enemies. The content of the game is built according to a compelling story. Mission to fight against the forces of darkness, and destroy demons and monsters. Win against every dangerous challenge to become the champion. Here you will recruit warriors and assemble into a group. Train and constantly strengthen through battles. Aim against all enemies to be able to learn about the story. Even more attractive when being able to play in two different modes. Along with that, you will discover more than 12 maps with their own stories.

Raid: Shadow Legends MOD APK – Gather Heroes To Join The Adventure

Recruit warriors to assemble into a team of up to 5 heroes in Raid: Shadow Legends. Get ready for battles on 12 maps to learn about the game’s story. Each map will open a chapter, with many battles in each stage. Some chapters can be mentioned such as Kaerok castle in the land of rebirth. A dark dungeon with the appearance of fearsome demons. More chapters will be opened in other lands waiting for you to explore. To be able to unlock a new chapter, you need to fulfill all the required conditions. Once unlocked, it will take you to more exciting adventures. But at the same time, there are scary challenges that will be faced.Raid- Shadow Legends

Story mode battle

Lead the heroes of Raid: Shadow Legends on a story-mode adventure. Enter the war in stages in each chapter. As the real-time gameplay takes place. Each chapter will re-enact fierce battles between groups of heroes and enemy forces. They will attack in turn until the battle is over. Your goal is to defeat all enemies in the arena and win. From there will complete the task and receive attractive rewards. Includes iconic items and a chance to recruit new heroes.

In each battle, the arena will be divided into several waves of attacks. Each wave can appear with up to 5 different enemies. After defeating them, the heroes will continue to move forward. Facing waves of new enemies. After successfully passing the waves in the battle. From there will receive the corresponding reward and go to the next stage.Game Raid- Shadow Legends

Fight many enemies and bosses

Come to the battle in the next stage of the game Raid: Shadow Legends. Heroes will face a greater challenge. From many enemies like giant dragons, demons, monsters, prisoners, monks, archers, and many more. Each enemy has its own special attack style. At the same time possesses great defense and health. Compared to the enemies encountered before, they will be far superior. This will cause the heroes to take a long time to fight. Their health also decreases with each attack from the enemy.

Not only regular matches are played. When reaching a certain stage in each chapter. You will have to lead the heroes against the onslaught of the boss. Although the number of hero groups is larger. But the boss’s power can overwhelm them in battle. From the amount of health, defense ability to attack power. All stats are superior to normal enemies.Download Raid- Shadow Legends

PvP Arena e

Come to the PvP mode of the game Raid: Shadow Legends. The gameplay is similar according to the rules of the PvE mode. But the difference between the enemy force is the real players. Accordingly, you will choose to assemble a group of the strongest warriors. Then enter the match against your opponent’s hero group. The forces of both sides will attack each other in turn. From there find out the winning team, and have the opportunity to receive special equipment and items. Moreover, it is possible to increase the ranking. Through the PvP arena and win many battles. Then you will have the opportunity to rise to the rankings and enter the top of the best players.Tai Raid- Shadow Legends

Modified MOD information of Raid: Shadow Legends

  • MOD Menu
  • Huge Amount Of Money
  • Huge Amount Of gems shards
  • free shopping
  • High battle speed

Hundreds of warriors in Raid: Shadow Legends to be able to recruit. They are divided into 15 different branches. Includes mage, beast mage, goblin, knight, zombie, archer, and more. Each branch will have many warriors, with differences in shape and appearance. At the same time, each hero has his own special ability. They have shown through stats including health, attack, defense, speed, attack speed, and explosion rate. Moreover, they also have their own equipment to change their appearance. As well as increasing combat power when used.

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Name ID Raid: Shadow Legends
Updated On 07/06/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Plarium Global Ltd
Size 149MB
New version 8.60.0
MOD Info Menu, Unlimited money gems, god mode, Battle Speed Multiplier
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