Empire Warriors Premium 2.5.33 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Free Shopping, All heroes Unlocked]
Empire Warriors Premium 2.5.33 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Free Shopping, All heroes Unlocked]

Empire Warriors Premium 2.5.33 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Free Shopping, All heroes Unlocked]

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Defend the castle with your tactics in Empire Warriors Premium. The mission is to stop the attacks from the enemy. Defeat and destroy all to protect the kingdom from invasion. The gameplay is a combination of real-time strategy and city defense. You as a strategist. Will have to perform quests according to the game’s story. Set in a fantasy world called Loria. There are many different races living here. Includes humans, monsters, elves, trolls, dark lords, dwarves, and minions. Accordingly, you will have to lead the human army to stop the enemy forces. Successfully defend the kingdom against fierce attacks.

Empire Warriors Premium MOD APK – Lead Heroes and Troops to Stop Enemy Forces

The story of Empire Warriors Premium unfolds on the land of Loria. Talk about the kingdom of Endia being attacked by the empire that was once allied with Grando. Standing behind was the support from the dark lord Orcs. Grando’s military force has the support of henchmen. This made war between the two kingdoms belonging to the alien race certain to take place. Facing danger can lead to doom. Prince Jave of the India Kingdom led his army to the battlefield. In order to prevent invasion attacks from the enemy into the castles. But before the great power, with the ability to fight fiercely against the enemy. The Kingdom of Endia needs the help of a strategist to change the situation.Empire Warriors Premium

Your destiny

Continuing the story of Empire Warriors Premium mentioned above. According to the prophecy of the guardian gods of India. Prince Jave needs help from an alliance of heroes. In particular, they will have to be led by a skilled and experienced strategist. Accordingly, you are exactly what they are looking for. There is a destiny to lead armies and heroes to protect the castles of the kingdom. Through the construction of defensive towers on the routes that the enemy will attack. The goal is to wipe out the entire army of Grando kingdom and the minions of the dark lord Orcs.Game Empire Warriors Premium

Real-time gameplay and missions

The castle defense battle in Empire Warriors Premium takes place in real-time. The battlefield opened up on the roads leading to the city gates of the kingdom of India. Enemy forces will attack from many directions on the routes. Accordingly, you will have to recruit heroes. Command them to fight enemy forces as they appear. At the same time, build a defense tower system along the routes that the enemy will move through.

The process takes place

Each battle takes place in Empire Warriors Premium. The enemy army will be divided into many different attacks. Each wave will spawn a large number of enemies. They are equipped with powerful weapons and armor. Will follow the route leading to the city gate. Accordingly, the defense towers will not stop attacking. At the same time, you need to lead the heroes to fight. Block each attack in turn until wiping out all enemies. From there will win and complete the task of defending the city.Ear Empire Warriors Premium

There are 4 types of defense towers

Along the routes leading to the castle gate of Empire Warriors Premium. You can build up different defensive towers. There are 4 types of towers, each with its own special ability. Includes lightning tower, magic tower, archer tower, and catapult tower. Accordingly, the tower of lightning will summon brave units led by heroes. Magic towers can deal massive amounts of magic damage and are controlled by witches. Archer Tower summons archers that deal physical damage. At the same time, it can strengthen and support the attack on neighboring towers. Finally, the catapult tower will shoot at the enemy force to deal extensive damage.

Hero system to recruit

There are different heroes in Empire Warriors Premium for you to recruit. Includes Zelos, Wukong, Miria, Thraldin, Leon, Aarendel, Elowyn, Lyna, and many other heroes. They are warriors with outstanding combat power. Each hero has its own unique set of attack skills. At the same time can equip up to 8 different items. Their fighting power is shown through their stats.Download Empire Warriors Premium

Modified MOD information of Empire Warriors Premium

  • MOD Menu
  • Free shopping
  • unlimited money and gems
  • unlimited crystals
  • unlimited everything
  • all heroes unlocked
  • vip

Each hero in Empire Warriors Premium is shaped in his own style. Also, in addition to the default outfit, they can also unlock new skins. From there change the appearance and appearance becomes more prominent. As well as enhancing outstanding combat ability. However, to be able to recruit a new hero will need to meet the given conditions. From the completion level of the battle to the corresponding amount to make.

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Name ID Empire Warriors Premium
Updated On 13/06/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher ZITGA
Size 91MB
New version 2.5.33
MOD Info Menu, Free Shopping, All heroes Unlocked
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