Experiment Z 2.15 APK MOD [Menu LMH, God-mode, Huge Amount Of Money, Ammo, Recoil]

Experiment Z 2.15 APK MOD [Menu LMH, God-mode, Huge Amount Of Money, Ammo, Recoil]

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Experiment Z 2.15 APK MOD [Menu LMH, God-mode, Huge Amount Of Money, Ammo, Recoil]

Experiment Z is a game exclusively for mobile. With content that opens in a survival style. Revolving action adventure in an open world. Get the theme of zombies appearing in the city. According to a story told about their presence. From there will take place different missions, we according adventure activities in the day and night environments. Here, when participating in the game will enjoy the fun with many features. The game can be played in online multiplayer mode. They are also other survivors trying to escape the zombie hordes. Many vehicles to use during the journey. Can drive themselves to get around or go with friends in their vehicle. At the same time owns a diverse collection of weapons and personal equipment.

Experiment Z MOD APK – Online Multiplayer Survival in the Post-Apocalyptic World

Follow the online mode of the action game Experiment Z. Open up an adventure in the vast world. The appearance of large numbers of zombies created a post-apocalyptic era. Here, you are one of the lucky survivors. Not infected by the epidemic virus, but facing dangerous enemies. Under the cool thirst of zombies are hunting for prey. Will recreate a challenging journey to be able to survive. Not alone in the adventure. There will be other survivors trying to run away like you. Through it forms a group and acts together. Coordinate and operate in all circumstances to overcome dangerous situations. Aim to escape the attack and fierce hunt of the zombies.Experiment Z

Gameplay, against zombies

Explore the post-apocalyptic world in Experiment Z. Follow the survival gameplay with open content. Can join other players to perform their own independent actions. But will still coordinate together during the implementation of the mission. Move freely on the map without restriction. There is a chance to collect items and equipment. Through searching in various locations and regions. Then you can use them to equip yourself. Enhance abilities and improve stamina against attacks from zombies. Enemies spawn randomly, wherever they go. This makes you and your teammates unpredictable. That means you will be in danger at any time if you do not focus on observing. It will even cost your life if you don’t quickly destroy the zombies.Game Experiment Z

Combat Weapons

To be able to survive the harsh environmental conditions of Experiment Z. Using weapons as a combat tool is one of the most important factors. From finding or unlocking, a variety of weapons can be used. For example when attacking melee, at close range. Can equip swords, axes, knives, and more. Although flexible when attacking close, the damage generated is not high. It will take a long time to defeat the enemy. If you want to improve your fighting ability. Can find ways to equip guns, with many types. For example machine guns, rifles and shotguns. Not only do they provide superior attack power. It can also deal long-range damage, within a certain range. Depends on the gameplay, as well as the situation at hand. Using the right weapon will be effective when fighting.Tai Experiment Z

Use the means

Adventure in the big world at Experiment Z. You can move around by jogging. But to shorten the travel time from one place to another. Vehicles of different types can be used. For example, off-road vehicles, giant trucks, or even boats. Here, you can go with your friends in their car. Or unlock to own a vehicle of your own. Then drive yourself and move to new places, saving time. Moreover, vehicles not only help you and everyone cross the terrain easily. But can also run away from the zombies trying to chase behind. Thanks to the ability to accelerate and move safely at high speed. However, to unlock your favorite vehicle will have to use money.Download Experiment Z

Modified MOD information of Experiment Z

  • MOD Menu
  • God-mode
  • Huge Amount Of Money

In addition to weapons equipped to make combat tools. There are many other items provided by Experiment Z. Help equip characters to enhance abilities. Includes hat, pants, shirt, shoes, and mask. Each type of equipment has many different options. After using it, it also changes the appearance of the character. Create a stand-out in your own unique style. For example an army soldier, homeless, young man, and many other styles. At the same time, they will increase defense stats and health. Increased survival rate higher during the adventure.

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Name ID Experiment Z
Updated On 11/06/2024
Requires Android 4.1
Publisher Brain Vault
Size 88MB
New version 2.15
MOD Info Menu, God mode, Unlimited Money, Ammo, Recoil
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Update 11/06/2024 (1 month ago )