Ez Mirror Match 2 4.8 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money, RP]

Ez Mirror Match 2 4.8 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money, RP]

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Ez Mirror Match 2 4.8 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money, RP]

Inspired by the world’s top famous game LoL. Publisher Bullinzadu has built into an arcade game Ez Mirror Match 2. With inspiration from characters in LoL possessing ranged attack skills. From there, recreate the attractive 1vs1 battles. Accordingly, you will choose to accompany a hero. Get ready to participate in the fighting in two different game modes. Compete with opponents with each character’s unique special skills. Aim to attack and defeat the opponent to get the blue crystal. Here, the game uses 2D graphics with bright image quality. Simultaneously optimize complex features to provide an intuitive combat experience. Help you have fascinating gameplay when participating.

Ez Mirror Match 2 MOD APK – Long Range Fighting Battle Between Champions

Ez Mirror Match 2 ‘s match unfolds on two frontlines separated by the river. According to the gameplay mechanism, you can control the hero to move left and right. Two arrow keys are displayed in the left corner of the screen. Besides, it depends on the character chosen to accompany. They have their own 4 special skills, which are displayed in the right corner of the screen. With a simple touch mechanism, you can use different skills to attack. The opponent has the same ability. But be careful in the course of the war. On the river, there is a blue crab moving back and forth. It can block your attacks, as well as your opponent’s.Ez Mirror Match 2

Gameplay and skills

The gameplay in the game Ez Mirror Match 2 is in real-time. Each fight lasts for a maximum of 3 minutes. You and your opponent will use your skills to attack each other. But it should be noted that each skill after being performed will take a short time to cool down. Show your flexibility and experience in combat. Attack with high precision to make your opponent lose health. At the same time, quickly dodge the skills used by the opponent. Repeat this until one of the two sides runs out of health first. The side that is still able to continue the match wins.

After completing a battle and winning. You will receive experience points to accumulate for heroes. Help them to reach new levels when gaining enough experience. At the same time, you will receive the number of blue crystals corresponding to the achievement.Game Ez Mirror Match 2

AI and PvP mode

The battles in Ez Mirror Match 2 take place in two game modes. Includes AI mode and PvP mode. Each mode will open the same battle content. But the difference is shown in gameplay and themes. As well as the fighting ability of the opponents you face will be different. In AI mode will have to fight against champions controlled by AI. This helps you to practice flexible attack skills. As well as the chances of winning will be higher. Especially after finishing a match and receiving rewards. May continue to the next fight. From there, you can test your skills on many levels.

Coming to PvP mode will be competing with real players. They are online champions with rich combat experience. At the same time, each opponent you encounter will be equipped with different items. The process of the battle in PvP is very dramatic. Just a little carelessness or inattention can cost you your life. But winning many matches will give you a chance to rise up the leaderboard.Ear Ez Mirror Match 2

Various equipment

Lots of different items for you to equip your character in Ez Mirror Match 2. They are all designed based on the equipment in the famous game LoL. Examples include Rabadon’s sorcerer’s hat, Doran’s sword, Doran’s shield, black ax, cloak of fire, Bloodsworth, wand of nothingness, and storm Ludden. There is much other equipment that you will discover in detail when participating in the game. Each item has its own special stats. When used, it will increase the combat power of the hero. Accordingly, the equipment system is divided into several types. Includes physical attack, magic attack, defense, and support. However, in a fight, the hero can only equip up to 6 different items.Download Ez Mirror Match 2

The character system in Ez Mirror Match 2 is inspired by the champions in LoL. Includes Yasuo, Ezreal, Temmo, LeBlanc, and Zed. There are some other characters that you will learn when participating. They were both champions possessing ranged combat skills. They can attack opponents in many different styles. Depending on your playstyle to match the hero’s fighting style. Can choose to roleplay and develop superior strength.

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Name ID Ez Mirror Match 2
Updated On 06/07/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Bullinzadu
Size 85MB
New version 4.8
MOD Info Unlimited Money, RP
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Update 06/07/2024 (2 weeks ago )