Merge Archers 1.5.7 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money, coins, gems, free shopping]
Merge Archers 1.5.7 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money, coins, gems, free shopping]

Merge Archers 1.5.7 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money, coins, gems, free shopping]

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Merge Archers builds content in the style of archery. But not alone, but with the participation of many archers. Open up the battle to protect the extremely dramatic. Revolving around the skirmish between the archer forces between the two factions. Join the game, and become a leader of the castle defense team. The task of defending the castle from the invasion of the enemy. Also, destroy them to capture the stronghold. From there win, prove yourself a master archer. This game belongs to the arcade game genre. Designed in a unique stickman form. Combine bright 3D graphics, with fun style. Along with that are the features provided. Incorporating simple archery mechanics, but mastering it will take time to learn.

Merge Archers MOD APK – Battle Between Archers Of Two Castles

The battle to defend the castle in Merge Archers takes place on each level. With increasing difficulty every time you start a new level. Each mission opens a castle defense war. Revolving around the attack between the forces of archers. They stood on the castle within a certain distance. Perform archery action to destroy enemies. The battle lasted until all units of either faction were completely defeated. To win a level corresponds to a mission. You need to lead the archer units to wipe out the enemy. Based on the difficulty of the completed quest. From there will receive attractive bonuses. The amount will not stop increasing after new challenges. Corresponds to the difficulty of the battle between the two castles.Merge Archers

Challenge in a new level

The process of defending the castle in Merge Archers is very interesting. Based on the turn-based gameplay used in the match. The forces of both sides will fire arrows when it is their turn. Repeat this until the game is over. Continue to move to new levels to face more difficult challenges than before. The number of enemy archers will increase even more. It will even be much larger than your side’s force. With such dominance will be more difficult. If the duration of the battle is prolonged, it is not possible to shoot down all of them. That will cause a disadvantage, giving the enemy a chance to kill. To win requires archery skills to be really accurate. Constantly improve and hone more, and learn from previous mistakes.Game Merge Archers

Archery mechanics

The archery mechanism in Merge Archers is very unique. Just touch and hold to adjust the angle, after releasing the hand will automatically shoot the arrow. In particular, instead, each attack will only be able to perform the action of an archer. Here, the entire force will fire arrows at the same time when it is their turn. At the same time, the system also supports the corresponding line angle to easily select the shooting point. Although not 100% accurate, it is relative. Makes it easier to align the angle of the direction the arrow is fired. As can be seen, the mechanism is quite simple and easy to implement. Even in the first few levels will be a detailed instructions system. But shooting smoothly and accurately will take a lot of time. Combine observing the position and distance of enemy forces. From there determine the goal to perform the task.Ear Merge Archers

Merge Archers

In addition to shooting skills, you must be really accurate to quickly destroy enemy forces. You also have to merge to enhance the ability of the archer. The bonuses accumulated from battles in Merge Archers. Use to recruit more archers and increase the number. The fusion merges two archers of the same type, with the same abilities. From there create an archer with superior ability. Can hit multiple arrows in one turn. At the same time, endurance will be more durable than before. For example, regular archers will be smaller in size. With only one arrow hit, you will lose your life. But archers get bigger sizes after being upgraded. Can withstand multiple arrows when hit. This will increase the win rate higher.Download Merge Archers

Modified MOD information of Merge Archers

  • MOD Menu
  • Huge Amount Of Money, coins, gems
  • free shopping
  • No ads

Bows are not the only weapon used in Merge Archers. The game is also provided with artillery guns. However, it is not yet usable at the initial stage. Win each level in turn to accumulate bonus points. After reaching 100% will unlock explosive bombs. Can be used to deal massive damage with a large explosion. But it should be noted, that the number of bombs will be limited. Only when necessary will it be used, which will help you overcome the challenge easily.

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Updated On 17/06/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Size 105MB
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New version 1.5.7
MOD Info Menu, Unlimited money, coins, gems, free shopping
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