Fanatical Basketball 1.0.13 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

Fanatical Basketball 1.0.13 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

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Fanatical Basketball 1.0.13 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

Fanatical Basketball builds content based on the sport of basketball. Revolving around competitions between clubs. Accordingly, you will become a manager of the basketball team to build and develop. Simultaneously concurrently the role of the players participating in the competition on the field. The goal is to put the ball in the basket in the opponent’s court to score in real-time. Achieve excellent results in the innings with the best results. From there win against the opposing team to receive valuable bonuses. This game is in the basketball sports category of the publisher CanaryDroid. With many unique features provided by the system. Moreover, it is also possible to play in an offline mode completely for free. Along with that is a combination of vivid graphics and sound.

Fanatical Basketball MOD APK – Basketball Club Competition

Promising to bring attractive basketball matches for all players. The game’s graphics are built on a 3D platform. With sharp image quality and flexible motion effects. Recreate realistic footage of a basketball game on the court. Along with that is a simulation system to monitor the fans in the stands. To increase the experience during the competition on the field. The game also simulates a lively sound system. Shown through the sound of the ball hitting the field, the cheers and cheers of the audience in the stands. Especially when the players score points, the simulated sound of the fans is reproduced very realistically.Fanatical Basketball MOD

Smart touch mechanism

The control mechanism of the game is designed with smart touch. Accordingly, you will directly control a basketball player. At the same time, the AI ​​system supports the control of the remaining players. The process that takes place can throw the ball to pass to a teammate, thereby taking control of the player holding the ball. Continue to develop the gameplay toward scoring. At the same time, it depends on the circumstances taking place on the field during the match. The system will automatically offer different choices for you to make. For example, pass the ball, steal the ball, or throw it into the basket in the opponent’s court.Game Fanatical Basketball MOD

Actions expressed through letters and symbols

The action of playing basketball at Fanatical Basketball will be represented by an icon with different letters. Includes Block, Pass, Steal, Shoot, and Switch. Each letter when clicked will help the basketball player perform its own action. For example, Block performs a defense against an opponent holding the ball. Pass passes the ball to his teammates, Steal steals the ball from the opponent. Or Shoot performs the action of throwing the ball into the basket in the opponent’s court. Depends on the situation on the field, as well as your play style. Combined with skill and playing experience to perform with the goal of scoring.Tai Fanatical Basketball MOD

Real-time and inning competition

Basketball matches are played in real-time. Each match will be divided into 5 rounds, each round takes place in a maximum time of 60 seconds countdown. During the game, each time you put a basketball in the opponent’s court, you will receive 2 points. After the time is up in one half, the team with the higher score will take the lead. To win a match, the system will be based on the scores achieved by the two teams achieved in the innings. The team with the better record will win and receive valuable rewards.

The gameplay takes place and there are changes

Follow the competitive 5vs5 game on the field, with the participation of up to 10 players. You need to choose to assemble a team of the best 5 people. Then lead and command them to participate in matches. Whenever I meet the basketball club in the following matches. The challenge will increase, as their playing skills and strategies improve. At the same time, many rules will be changed to increase competition. For example, the time in each round will be increased more than before.Download Fanatical Basketball MOD

The game Fanatical Basketball is played with two different modes. Includes quick competitions and tournaments. Each mode will open dramatic basketball matches. With the participation of many different clubs. There are also specific rules that need to be followed. For example, the fast game mode, you will have to lead the team to compete with other basketball clubs in a short time. With the speed accelerated, it will make the match full of tension. Go to tournament mode with the goal of winning the championship. Accordingly, it will have to win against the clubs to advance to the next round.

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Name ID Fanatical Basketball
Updated On 09/05/2024
Requires Android 4.1
Publisher CanaryDroid
Size 24MB
New version 1.0.13
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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