Heroes Infinity Mod APK 1.36.24 (Unlimited Money/Diamond)
Heroes Infinity Mod APK 1.36.24 (Unlimited Money/Diamond)

Heroes Infinity Mod APK 1.36.24 (Unlimited Money/Diamond)

By TT - 18/02/2023
Name LMHMOD Heroes Infinity
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher DIVMOB
MOD Features Unlimited Money/Diamond
Size 339MB
Version 1.36.24
Category Role Playing
Get It On MOD Google Play
Price FREE
Update 18/02/2023 (1 month ago )

Heroes Infinity Mod recreates the battle of the fantasy gods. This is an action role-playing game with top strategy elements. Entering the game, you will become the commander of the gods. Your job is to select, recruit and team up with gods to fight enemies from the dark. The game has quite a few modes with a diverse mission system to explore. In each mode, you will have your own progress for hunting rewards and setting achievements. Not only normal missions, but the game also has online and co-op missions. Don’t hesitate to connect with your friends and take on super mega quests!

Download Heroes Infinity Mod – RPG war of the gods

Heroes Infinity is an RPG game that you should not miss. This game has attracted millions of gamers on mobile platforms. The appeal of the game comes from many factors such as plot, action mechanics, and design, … These combine to create a breathtaking combat RPG experience. The battles between the gods are always exciting and heroic. But the way to control the battle is relatively simple, making it easy for anyone to access.


Gather a group of heroes for battles

Entering the game, your job is to recruit a group of heroes. Specifically, you need 1 commander hero and up to 3 support heroes. Into the battle, the commanding hero holds the direct combat duty. The rest support the fight with skill combos. Gamers have the right to control all heroes by using skills at will. Each skill corresponds to an icon on the screen.

Of course, each skill has a certain cooldown. Therefore, the use and combination of skills is the key to victory. You need to combine the right skills to create powerful combos. At the same time, based on the battlefield situation, you can alternately use the heroes properly. Enemies will get stronger the higher the hero level. The most epic battles are always waiting for you ahead.


Upgrade your hero your way

Each hero in the game has basic attributes such as HP, Damage, and Armor. These attributes can be improved as you level up the hero. To upgrade, you need bonuses and equipment. Equipment includes many types such as weapons, armor, skins, and support items. Each type of equipment will have its own contribution to the hero’s strength. For example, armor increases resistance, healing items increase health, etc.

In particular, each hero can be compatible with many types of equipment. For example, damage-oriented heroes need items that improve attack speed or critical rate. However, you can also make them more resilient or resilient to make up for the shortcoming. Heroes Infinity Mod does not limit your strategic creativity. Feel free to create your own way to upgrade heroes in the collection.


Explore different modes

The next impressive point of the game comes from the mode system. Currently, the game has more than 5 different modes, including:

Adventure Mode: You will embark on an adventure journey through many levels. At each level, the game has missions for you to complete and gain experience. With experience points, the gods will be upgraded through each battle.

Sky Tower Mode: Similar to Adventure mode but with different tower floors. Each tower floor has its own difficulty, the higher it is, the harder it is.

Practice Mode: A place for you to test new strategies. With the victory, you also get experience points and bonuses.

Star Gate Mode: A place to collect character shards. When you reach a certain number of shards, you can summon a god.

Boss and Super Boss mode: A battlefield for big battles. Your opponents are the most powerful bosses. Winning will bring you countless attractive rewards.


Collaboration and community connection

Besides the above modes, this game also has PvP and Guild modes. This is where you can compete with the top gamers in the world. To fight in the PvP arena, you need a team of 5 heroes. To join a Clan, you need to connect with many other friends. The people in the guild will fight together and rank up. Guilds can also fight with each other to compare achievements. The rewards for online battles like this are always more attractive.

All in all, Heroes Infinity Mod is an interesting strategic PRG game. Do not hesitate to download this game and lead the gods here. Gather the most powerful gods and upgrade their power. They will help you conquer the boss battles or compete with other gods from your friends. Don’t miss the intense PvP battles to rank up faster.

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