Homesteads 30002019 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Speed game, Huge Amount Of Money, Remove ads]

Homesteads 30002019 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Speed game, Huge Amount Of Money, Remove ads]

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Homesteads 30002019 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Speed game, Huge Amount Of Money, Remove ads]

Homesteads is an exciting farm management simulation game. You will be immersed in the virtual life of a farmer. At the same time, build a unique agricultural campus. The game allows you to experience the various aspects of managing a farm, from planting trees, tending animals, building infrastructure, transacting business, and interacting with the community. In Homesteads, you will face many challenges and opportunities for growth. Homesteads also allow you to express your creativity in designing and creating your own ideal living space. Under your control, a lively farm village will appear. You can enjoy relaxation, immerse yourself in the colourful farmer life, and experience growing from an empty land to a prosperous farm.

Homesteads MOD APK – Build a farm

In Homesteads, you’ll start from scratch. Turn the impoverished land into a thriving and thriving agricultural campus. At the farm, you can freely design and build the necessary infrastructure—livestock stables, orchards, manufacturing plants, and many more. Decisions about the layout and development of areas will affect the efficiency of the farm. You can do a wide range of activities on the farm, from the care and feeding of plants and animals to processing products and business transactions. You need to define a farming plan and manage time and resources. All to ensure maximum productivity and profit.

Operations management

In Homesteads, the player will face many tasks and decisions related to crop care, animal husbandry and business. Growing crops is an integral part of the farm. You must decide what crops to plant, when the seeds are planted, and how to water and fertilize. Time and resources are essential to ensure crop growth and high yields. Caring for and nurturing animals is equally important. You need to pay attention so that the animal has the best food, water and living conditions. Thereby increasing production efficiencies such as meat, milk or feathers. Business is an integral part of farm management. You can make products from plants and animals to sell or trade with other players. Deciding on pricing, sales times and market interaction will generate profits. All activities within Homesteads are closely related and influence each other. Thoughtful consideration and decision-making will help you optimize your farm’s productivity and profitability.

Interacting with the people

In the game Homesteads, you will have the opportunity to meet and interact with the characters in the village. Everyone has their own story. At the same time can bring significant benefits to your farm. Interaction is done by visiting the store. Or participate in social activities in the village. You can trade goods, make friends, and even participate in community events to create relationships with people. This activity brings joy and support to the development of the farm. It also opens up the opportunity to participate in side quests. You can cooperate with the villagers to solve the problems in the village. Or participate in activities such as cooking contests, bonsai care competitions…

Share with friends

Sharing results with friends is an excellent feature in Homesteads. Gamers can enjoy social connections by sharing their achievements with other players. A common way of this activity is bartering. You can bring products to the in-game store to exchange with friends. Thereby making a profit or satisfying each other’s needs. This helps you grow together quickly and creates a spirit of cooperation. In addition, you can also visit other people’s farms. It is an opportunity to learn and exchange experiences. This can help you explore different approaches to farm management, from design to business.

The game has beautiful graphics and a friendly interface. Homesteads allow players to create a farming world according to their wishes. The combination of agricultural elements and social interaction makes for an enjoyable experience. Flexibility in farm management and development helps players enjoy a creative journey. Homesteads have created a valuable and exciting playground. In this great game, let’s explore and show off your management skills with MODLMH.

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Name ID Homesteads
Updated On 17/06/2024
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher Enixan Limited
Size 157MB
New version 30002019
MOD Info Menu, Speed game, Unlimited money, Remove ads
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