Ice Scream 3 3.7.539.202345315 APK MOD [Freeze Enemy]
Ice Scream 3 3.7.539.202345315 APK MOD [Freeze Enemy]

Ice Scream 3 3.7.539.202345315 APK MOD [Freeze Enemy]

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Ice Scream 3 is a revival of the popular horror game franchise. This game takes you on a dangerous and mysterious adventure to uncover the truth behind a scary neighbor. He always carries a juicy chariot with a dark secret. In Ice Scream 3, you will play a courageous character. Determined to uncover the terrifying secret your neighbor is keeping. With stunning graphics and engaging sound effects, the game puts you in tense and dramatic situations where you must find a way to survive tough challenges and solve tricky puzzles. You are experiencing bizarre mysteries and uncovering grisly truths. You will have to use creativity and thinking to figure out how to defeat the evil neighbor. At the same time freeing the whole neighborhood from the icy nightmare. Are you brave enough to face the horrors and uncover the truth in Ice Scream 3?

Ice Scream 3 MOD APK – Solve puzzles to rescue neighbors

The puzzles in the game require you to use logical thinking, observation, and creativity to find the solution. You may have to find a way to unlock the door and find essential objects. Or decipher mysterious codes to advance in the story. Combining visual puzzles, environmental context, and horror elements creates an engaging experience. However, do not think that solving puzzles is easy. Ice Scream 3 sets up diverse and sometimes confusing challenges. Requires meticulousness, patience, and the ability to experiment. Solving puzzles gets you far in the game. Thereby you also better understand the situation and the secret being revealed in the story. With complex puzzles, the game gives you an experience that combines horror drama and logical thinking. You will have to be intelligent and creative to tackle the challenges.

Hide skill

Hiding skills help you survive and go far in dangerous and nightmarish environments. You will have to use your stealth skills to avoid detection and attack. Players can use hiding to blend into the hiding place. For example, in cupboards, under the bed, or hidden corners. This helps you avoid the attention of your neighbor and avoid getting caught. However, the skill of hiding also requires you to be very careful and choose the right time. The neighbor can check your hiding place and attack at any time. It would be best if you tracked your neighbor’s gestures. Also, find the right time to get out of hiding place. Hide skills add drama and appeal to Ice Scream 3. The combination of hiding skills and puzzle-solving helps you face any situation.

Explore places

Each location in the game has its own identity. From the neighbor’s house to the hiding places. JDark space and mysterious places. It would be best to visit these places to collect traces and find the necessary objects. Along with that, learn the truth behind the mystery of the neighbor. As you explore, you’ll have to solve puzzles and look at environmental factors to determine how to progress. Maybe you have to find a way into secret rooms, find objects to unlock the door. Or even have to use hiding skills to avoid the neighbor’s attention. Exploring locations in Ice Scream 3 helps you get deeper into the story. The locations contribute to the complexity and excitement of the game. It makes you never know what will come next.

Many levels

Ice Scream 3 offers players a wide range of diverse and challenging levels to experience. Each level of the game offers a different situation and environment, from ordinary houses to strange and mysterious places. Each level in the game contains unique surprises. Interaction with the environment is also an important part. It would be best to explore hidden corners, find ways to unlock doors and find important information. Each level creates a new environment. The scary and mysterious neighbor will follow you. You need to think logically and observe to avoid getting caught. Each level presents a new challenge and opens up unexpected discoveries about the story.

Ice Scream 3 is a horror game and a tense and mysterious adventure. You will feel the thrill, excitement, and feeling of being immersed in a world full of nightmares. Ice Scream 3 is an experience not to be missed. Especially if you are a lover of the horror and mind-challenging game genre, let MODLMH prove your bravery and intelligence in this game.

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Name ID Ice Scream 3
Updated On 06/06/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Keplerians Horror Games
Size 167MB
New version 3.7.539.202345315
MOD Info Freeze Enemy
Update 06/06/2024 (2 weeks ago )