Idle Lumberjack 3D 2.2 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money seeds]

Idle Lumberjack 3D 2.2 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money seeds]

By The Toan - (Period 1 month ago)
Idle Lumberjack 3D 2.2 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money seeds]

Introducing the game Idle Lumberjack 3D. Is it a simulation game published by Voodoo? This is a game maker with casual gameplay. With a variety of content and is played idly. In particular, most of the developer’s games are played in offline mode. This game is similar and no exception. When participating, you will experience simple but very interesting gameplay. Use your own unique currency to trade. This makes it possible for you to play completely for free without using any currency. Moreover, despite being an idle simulation game genre. But the game’s graphics are still built very vividly. Based on the 3D platform to recreate the environment taking place.

Idle Lumberjack 3D MOD APK – Exploit Wood Resources In The Forest To Make Money

Idle Lumberjack 3D simulates a large forest. There are a large number of pine trees planted here. They need to be exploited to serve different activities. However, machines cannot be used. It can only be done manually. Accordingly, a character is equipped with an ax for mining use. Do not stop cutting down the pine trees to collect wood. The goal is to accumulate large quantities to sell to collectors. Then you will earn some money to develop. Over time you will have the opportunity to explore the content of the game. With a lot of exciting things waiting ahead.Idle Lumberjack 3D

Gameplay and quests

Accompany the character in the journey of logging in Idle Lumberjack 3D. Use the equipped ax as a mining tool. Non-stop cutting to cut down large pine trees. From there accumulate a large number of wood resources. Then return to the original starting area to sell to collectors. Help you will receive a sum of money from them. Each pine tree will correspond to a gold coin. Continue the journey by moving to the mining forest. Try to cut down all the trees so that you can accumulate a huge amount of money after selling. At the same time have the opportunity to explore many new forests.Game Idle Lumberjack 3D

Environments, many plants have their own color

Try to exploit all the pine trees in a forest of Idle Lumberjack 3D. It is possible to continue the journey in the new forest. Accordingly, the environment changes, and the colors of the pine trees are also different. Depending on the environment, pine trees with their own distinctive colors will be exploited. From within a forest with the appearance of green, purple and yellow pine trees. Or in the desert planted pine species with black foliage. Furthermore, there are some other plants that will be opened after a while. Each environment will bring different wood resource extraction experiences. At the same time will recreate the landscape in a completely new space.Ear Idle Lumberjack 3D

Collect gold coins

From the pine trees mined in Idle Lumberjack 3D. They can be used to sell to craftsmen. Gold coins are the only currency used in the game for trading. You will receive an amount corresponding to the amount of wood after selling. Moreover, from within the forests to carry out mining operations. If there is a chance, they will cut down the golden pine trees. They contain bonuses that will drop out after being chopped. From there help you get to increase the amount of personal money. It can then be used to upgrade weapons, to increase the ability to cut trees.

Support items

In the journey to exploit resources in the forests of Idle Lumberjack 3D. There will be a chance to receive support items. As soon as picked up will be used immediately to increase efficiency. Help the character to be able to outperform from logging. For example, successfully cutting down a golden tree will randomly drop a leaf or a red apple. Accordingly, leaves will increase movement speed and double chopping ability. Can quickly cut down the pine trees that grow in the forest. Or the red apple will double the power when cutting down the tree. Help you cut them down after a few turns of swinging the ax. However, it is necessary to be aware of support items. They can only be used for a limited time, up to a 1-minute countdown.Download Idle Lumberjack 3D

Modified MOD information of Idle Lumberjack 3D

  • MOD Menu
  • Huge Amount Of Money

To increase efficiency in cutting down trees in Idle Lumberjack 3D. Weapons need to be upgraded to improve abilities. Starting the game will be using an ax. There is no high sharpness, so it is very difficult in the process of cutting trees in the early stages. Over time, from the starting point move to the grinder position. From there sharpen the ax blade to become sharper to be able to chop effectively. Moreover, there is a chance to unlock new weapons. For example, equipping the character with a sword will greatly outperform it.

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Name ID Idle Lumberjack 3D
Updated On 11/06/2024
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher VOODOO
Size 84MB
New version 2.2
MOD Info Menu, Unlimited money seeds
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Update 11/06/2024 (1 month ago )