Idle Mars Colony 0.14.0 APK MOD Huge Amount Of Money

Idle Mars Colony 0.14.0 APK MOD Huge Amount Of Money

By The Toan - (Period 1 month ago)
Idle Mars Colony 0.14.0 APK MOD Huge Amount Of Money

Idle Mars Colony is a fascinating management simulation game. Players will be put into the role of the leader of a settlement station on Mars. In the red planet’s harsh environment and lack of resources, players must use innovative management to build and develop the base. Gather resources, research technology, and optimize operations to ensure the community’s survival on its planet. The game focuses on the idle element. Allows players to enjoy the management experience without constant monitoring. Players can set up automated operations and monitor real-time settlement station development. There are many aspects to management. This includes building infrastructure, producing and managing resources, conducting research missions, and uncovering the secrets of Mars.

Idle Mars Colony MOD APK – Build a farm

Farm construction is essential, especially in sustaining life and developing bases on Mars. Players will face harsh environments and a lack of resources. The farm will be the primary source of food and resources. This is a necessary condition to ensure the survival of settlers. The game allows players to choose crops and fruit trees suitable for the climatic conditions of Mars. The selection and arrangement of each type of tree need to be done strategically. Thereby you will optimize productivity and use resources efficiently. Players must manage agricultural products’ watering, harvesting and recycling to maintain food and resource reserves. In addition, the farm can also provide valuable resources. Examples are fuel and building materials. Players must consider and choose between using these resources for various purposes, from building infrastructure to upgrading and research.


Players will need to collect precious resources from the planet’s harsh environment. This activity is to sustain life and develop their base. Harvesting includes many different activities. Examples include mining ore, gathering fuel and building resources. The player can send transport ships and training equipment to different regions of Mars to perform these activities. Each type of resource has an important role. Especially in building and upgrading settlement facilities, researching new technologies and maintaining daily life. However, harvesting is not simple. The reason is the harsh environment and lack of resources on Mars. Players need to fight tough challenges. Such as sandstorms, ultraviolet solid rays and climate change. All to protect their precious resources. Wise choices and resource management will determine your success.


The upgrade is essential in developing and expanding the settlement base on Mars. Players will be able to improve and upgrade various elements of the facility. Thereby creating a better living environment and improving production efficiency. The first is to upgrade the structures. Examples include houses, research stations, manufacturing plants and many other facilities. It will help increase production capacity and provide necessary services to residents. Smart choices in upgrading will determine the development of settlement facilities. Players need to think carefully about resource usage and make strategic decisions. Ensure the facility operates efficiently and reliably against the harsh challenges of the outer space environment.

Earn money

The construction and management of the farm is the first key to making money. You will plant trees and harvest products to make a profit. At the same time, upgrading infrastructure and expanding production is also an essential part of increasing revenue. You also have the opportunity to participate in other business activities. For example, you are extracting valuable resources from the moon and other planets and trading with rare assets. Or even invest in advanced technology projects to create a sustainable income. With funding and support from investors and other financial sources, you can scale up your business and become a genuine space millionaire.

The game’s graphics and sound system have created a lively space. It gives players an exciting simulation experience. The combination of strategy elements and Idle gameplay brings a sense of satisfaction. Players will have the opportunity to experience building and managing a business excitingly. Surely these game experiences will satisfy you. Let’s join MODLMH to make the millionaire dream come true. Idle Mars Colony is waiting for you to create a top prosperity planet.

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Name ID Idle Mars Colony
Updated On 11/06/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Matryoshka
Size 87MB
New version 0.14.0
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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