Melon Playground 20.24 APK MOD [Full Skin, No Ads]
Melon Playground 20.24 APK MOD [Full Skin, No Ads]

Melon Playground 20.24 APK MOD [Full Skin, No Ads]

By The Toan - (Period 1 month ago)

Melon Playground is a unique and lovely game. This game takes players into an exciting world where watermelons become lively and personality characters, with a subtle combination of intellectual challenge and puzzle. Melon Playground is an exciting adventure that takes you to explore unique levels. Each level brings different challenges and puzzles. You must use creative thinking to interact with the environment and solve puzzles to progress further in the game. The game possesses lovely graphics, fun music, and addictive gameplay. Melon Playground promises to bring you hours of relaxation and entertainment.

Melon Playground MOD APK – Interact with dummies

Dummies represent lively watermelons. These are not only the characters but also part of the interactive environment. Players need to take advantage of it to overcome challenges. You can interact with the dummies by touching or moving them in different directions. Dummies can build bridges, block roads, or create paths. Thereby helping players progress further on the game screen. Creativity is essential. You must find a clever way to interact with the dummies to complete the puzzles and challenges; it’s not just about moving them. Other interactive actions include making them expand or shrink, even changing their shape. This interaction opens up many possibilities for solving puzzles differently in Melon Playground.

Weapon system

Each weapon in Melon Playground has its unique abilities and features. This creates diversity in how players approach the levels. For example, a weapon can deliver powerful blows that destroy objects in the environment. At the same time, other weapons can create effects such as bouncing, pushing, or creating new paths. Interaction with weapons is usually done through touching or moving the weapon’s effigy. Players need to utilize the abilities of each weapon to solve puzzles and overcome challenges. The clever combination of interacting with dummies and using weapons will help players progress further in the game. The weapon system also opens up customization possibilities. Players can experiment and figure out how to use weapons in their way. From there, solve the puzzle optimally. This creates flexibility and customization and challenges the creativity and thinking of the players.


During the battles, the player will have to interact with the environment. At the same time, use weapons intelligently to defeat opponents. The interaction with the avatars creates unique fights. You can create powerful attacks, pushing the opponent away. Or even change the environment to win. Enemies in Melon Playground are diverse in shape and ability, from tiny monsters to powerful enemies. You will have to think of a way to approach each case. Also, please find out the opponent’s weak points to defeat them. This requires players to have flexible thinking and be able to think tactically. In every fight, creativity and sensitivity are essential. You can use environments, weapons, and other interactive objects to create optimal strategic plans. Each confrontation brings a new challenge. At the same time, it opens up opportunities for players to show their ingenuity.

Many unique outfits

Each outfit in Melon Playground brings a new look to the character. Maybe the costumes are funny and funny—or stylish outfits. You can change the outfit according to your taste and mood. Thereby creating an impressive change in the playing experience. In addition, each outfit can bring special effects or abilities. An outfit can help you speed up or create interactive effects. This adds flexibility and strategy to how players use skins. Many skins also reflect the personality and personal style of the player. The ability to change brings a sense of freshness and excitement.

Melon Playground is more than just an ordinary puzzle and adventure game. This is a colorful, creative world waiting for players to explore. The game takes you on a magical adventure of vivid watermelons. Join MODLMH on a fun-filled journey and discover the wonders Melon Playground offers.

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Name ID Melon Playground
Updated On 09/05/2024
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher TwentySeven
Size 28MB
New version 20.24
MOD Info Full Skin, No Ads
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Update 09/05/2024 (1 month ago )