Indian Train Simulator Mod APK 2023.1.6 (Unlimited Money)
Indian Train Simulator Mod APK 2023.1.6 (Unlimited Money)

Indian Train Simulator Mod APK 2023.1.6 (Unlimited Money)

By HN - 19/02/2023
Name LMHMOD Indian Train Simulator
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher Highbrow Interactive
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 158MB
Version 2023.1.6
Category Simulation
Get It On MOD Google Play
Price FREE
Update 19/02/2023 (1 month ago )

Indian Train Simulator Mod is a train-driving simulation game. Designed with an extremely detailed steering system for an immersive experience. Here, the game content revolves around the Indian train driving simulation. With railway lines stretching through many different locations. Accordingly will be exploring the regions of India. Through the implementation of challenges revolving around ship operations. From there will pass many stations with tractors or express trains. What stands out about this game is its detailed operating features. High precision follows the physics of driving the train during movement, as well as stopping. Everything will give you a very realistic experience of train driving duty in the country of India.

Download Indian Train Simulator Mod – Drive Trains On Indian Railways

Indian Train Simulator Mod game is a train driving simulator. Set in the railways of India. Play as a train driver to fulfill your mission and develop your career. You will have to operate the train from the point of departure to the end. In the process of moving through stations and areas. The maximum allowable speed must be observed by the adjustment. Or stop at the stations that the system requires. The goal is to complete the trip while driving the train to the final destination. From there, complete the mission and prove yourself as a professional train driver.Indian Train Simulator Mod

The control system is simplified

The train driving mechanism of Indian Train Simulator Mod has been optimized. Instead of simulating the detailed control system of a ship. The game has omitted complicated features for easy operation. Here, the left corner of the screen displays its own vertical icons. Includes bulbs, lights, cameras, horns, and brakes. Each symbol used gives a unique ability. For example, the lights are turned on for a wide range of night vision. The camera is used to change many different viewing angles. Or the brakes will help the train to slow down faster.

The right corner of the screen shows a push bar. Used to start and control the speed of the train on the track. By touching, and dragging to adjust the level, expressed as a percentage. From there will control the speed of the train. Can move at maximum speed when pushed to 100% or slow down and come to a complete stop.Game Indian Train Simulator Mod

Note the parameters when operating

The process of operating trains on railways running through stations in India in the game Indian Train Simulator Mod. You need to take note of the various parameters displayed on the screen. Upcoming limit distance, distance to next station, signal lights. The above factors are all expressed in meters. Besides, it is necessary to note the speed limit of the ship. Along with the current speed at which the train is moving. Accordingly, each station will limit the allowed speed. You need to observe and follow the rules. Control the speed and make sure not to exceed it.Tai Indian Train Simulator Mod

Many ships are divided into two categories

Indian Train Simulator Mod game has different types of trains. Let you experience the feeling of operating many trains on the tracks of India. Consists of 18 locomotives and more than a dozen express trains. There are a number of locomotives such as Wap4, Wdg-3A, Wdp4,… and many more. Similarly, there are some express trains such as Shatabdi, Garib Rath, Duscape, Mahamana,… and more. Each ship is designed with its own distinctive style. Also owns information such as maximum speed, engine type, year of manufacture, and operation by a certain unit.

There are two game modes

The coming Indian Train Simulator Mod can participate in two game modes. Includes quick mode and instant mode. Each mode opens the task of driving the ship according to its own content. When participating, you need to follow the rules and follow them. In fast mode, you will have to drive the train through the stations until it reaches the final point. Besides, the instant mode will drive the train in real-time. Given a specific time, you need to operate on the track until the time is up.Download Indian Train Simulator Mod

Indian Train Simulator Mod opens 32 rest stops. All are inspired by places in India. Typical like Chennai, Mumbai, Agra, Anantpur, Surat,… and many more. Each train stop will be spaced apart. It takes some time to get from one station to the next. At the same time, in that operating distance, there will be different speed limits.

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