King of Defense Premium 2.0.19 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Diamonds]

King of Defense Premium 2.0.19 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Diamonds]

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King of Defense Premium 2.0.19 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Diamonds]

Follow the story of the game King of Defense Premium to enter the adventure in the fantasy world. The setting unfolds in a vast kingdom divided into many different regions. This place is being invaded by a horde of terrifying monsters. They attack from many directions to reach the final stronghold. Aim to attack and destroy, to rule the kingdom. To stop the enemy’s plot and protect the kingdom from doom. You will enter the journey with heroes and warriors. At the same time build towers to resist attacks from enemies. The goal is to kill all of them to win and complete the assigned mission. From there successfully defend the kingdom from fearsome monsters.

King of Defense Premium MOD APK – Stop Monster Attacks To Protect the Kingdom

Take on quests according to the game’s plot revolving around defensive battles. Accordingly, you will accompany the hero to fight the attack from the enemy, through the battle levels. Each level opens on an enormous battlefield and divides into routes leading to the city gate. The monster force is divided into waves of attacks in stages. Your mission is to build the tower system and command the hero to fight. The goal is to wipe out all waves and not let any monsters enter the stronghold. From there will win and complete the assigned task. Then based on the achievement achieved will receive the corresponding reward.Download King of Defense Premium MOD

The gameplay takes place

The process of preventing attacks from monsters at the city gate. They move on roads in many directions. To be able to resist will have to use the money to build towers. Accordingly, it will be built along the route that the monster will move through. They will then automatically attack when the enemy enters the range. Besides, you can also summon pets to support the hero’s attack. Combined with the tower system built to defend the stronghold.

Use skills

In each castle, a defense battle takes place at King of Defense Premium. In addition to building towers and commanding heroes to fight. You can also use many different skills to support. Typical are bombing, dropping rocks, and burning flames, and some other skills will be learned later. Each skill will bring a unique ability when used. For example, bombing will create an explosion to deal extensive damage. Or drop stones from the sky to deal damage. Moreover, when using the flame, it can burn monsters, especially after that, their health will decrease gradually. However, it should be noted that skills are only limited in number.Game King of Defense Premium MOD

Maps with their own environment

Set in a vast kingdom in a fantasy world. Accordingly, you must prevent attacks from monsters on many maps. Consisting of jungles, deserts, and frozen lands. Each map is reproduced in extreme weather and environmental conditions. For example, the dense forest covered with trees and dirt roads. Or in an icy area in a cold environment. Along with the roads built by snow and ice. Besides, the appearance of monsters in each area will not be the same.

Fight against many monsters and bosses

Through the levels stop the attacks from the enemy. The hero will face many different monsters. The difference between them is shown in appearance, body size, and shape. Each enemy unit is equipped with various weapons to attack. For example, monsters with axes or sticks will approach and attack directly. Or monsters using bows will shoot arrows to deal damage from a distance. Accordingly, their strength is expressed through size. Units of huge size will have strong attacks, large amounts of health, and superior defense. Especially sometimes you have to fight bosses with more abilities than normal enemies.King of Defense Premium MOD

At King of Defense Premium, you can build 4 different types of towers to defend the castle. Includes minion, spell, bow, and bomb towers. Each tower type will attack in its own way to stop monsters. For example, bow towers shoot arrows and can support surrounding towers. The turret fires bombs and explodes to deal massive damage. Or the minion tower will summon units to move to the main route, thereby fighting enemies as they approach. Accordingly, you can upgrade the tower to increase strength. Through the use of gold coins to make.

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Name ID King of Defense Premium
Updated On 18/06/2024
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher GCenter
Size 123MB
New version 2.0.19
MOD Info Unlimited Diamonds
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