Kingdom Rush Origins TD 6.1.26 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Diamonds]
Kingdom Rush Origins TD 6.1.26 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Diamonds]

Kingdom Rush Origins TD 6.1.26 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Diamonds]

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Kingdom Rush Origins TD is the third installment in the castle defense series from developer Ironhide Games. Accordingly, you will experience the defensive battles in the prequel part of the game. With a series of interesting features provided by the system. Along with that are difficult challenges waiting ahead. Through it to carry out the quest against the waves of attacks from monsters. Destroy all to be able to win and successfully stop the attack from the enemy. This game is about strategy, requiring your command to accompany the heroes. Combine tower-building activities with various types to launch attacks. Make it impossible for the enemy to approach the stronghold and destroy it.

Kingdom Rush Origins TD MOD APK – Defend the Attack Waves From the Enemy To Defend the Citadel

Follow the story of the game to go on missions in campaign mode. Open up the city defense levels with tough challenges waiting ahead. Each level occurs on an arena with routes leading to the city gates. Simultaneously divided into different stages with waves of attacks from monsters, goblins, and bosses. Accordingly, you will accompany a hero to command the battle. Combine building defense tower system along the route leading to the city gate. The goal is to stop all waves of attacks from monsters to pass the stage. Successfully defend the stronghold by destroying them all and win. From there complete the mission in one level.Kingdom Rush Origins TD MOD

Battle locations

Going through the castle defense levels will have the opportunity to explore many different maps. Consisting of a magical fairy kingdom, a mysterious jungle, and ancient ruins in one town. Each map is reproduced in a vivid environment. The difference is reflected in the surrounding context and different design terrain. For example, in the jungle, monsters will move on dirt roads. Or in the desolate desert, roads are opened between the mountains. Accordingly, complete each defense mission in turn to a certain stage. Then the system will unlock a new map with many other terrains to challenge your strategy.Game Kingdom Rush Origins TD MOD

More than 30 enemies

Perform tower defense missions in Kingdom Rush Origins TD. They will face a lot of different enemies. According to the information provided, there are more than 30 types of enemies in these attacks. Includes giant spiders, armies of minions, monstrous Gnolls, goblins, terrifying creatures and more. Each enemy is shaped in its own style, the difference between them is reflected in the ability to fight. More special is the appearance of the boss. Possesses strength that surpasses ordinary enemies. From the amount of health, attack, defense to large size. Make your tower system and the hero challenging to defeat.Tai Kingdom Rush Origins TD MOD

There are 16 heroes

The defensive battle is played out with the participation of heroes. Accordingly, you can accompany 16 different heroes. Typical like Eridan, Reg’son, Lilith,… and many more. Each hero is shaped in his own style. Shown through appearance, appearance, costumes, and equipped weapons. Their strength is also assessed by their stats. Includes health, damage, defense and agility. Besides, each hero also owns 5 different skills. Depending on their attributes and attack defenses, their skills will provide superior combat power in battle.

Build defense towers

The defense process can build 4 different towers to fend off enemies. Includes soldier tower, catapult tower, magic tower and arrow tower. Each type of tower is designed in its own way, and possesses unique attack power. For example, the arrow tower fires arrows from a distance to deal damage to enemies. Stone towers will automatically shoot blocks and support nearby towers to attack. Likewise, magic towers will deal magic damage. Or the minion tower will summon a certain number of soldiers to advance to the route. From there fight enemies as they approach.Download Kingdom Rush Origins TD MOD

In the defensive battle that takes place at Kingdom Rush Origins TD. You can use as many power-ups as needed. These are antiques such as horns, gloves inlaid with energy stones, ancient books, jade of the fire dragon and many others. Each type of artifact will bring a special ability when used. For example, the dragon ball will automatically spray fire on enemies after placing them in a position on the road. Or use the prison and to double the power of the towers for a short period of time.

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Name ID Kingdom Rush Origins TD
Updated On 15/06/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Ironhide Games
Size 218MB
New version 6.1.26
MOD Info Unlimited Diamonds
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