Lost Island: Blast Adventure Mod APK 1.1.1011 [Huge Amount Of Lives]
Lost Island: Blast Adventure Mod APK 1.1.1011 [Huge Amount Of Lives]

Lost Island: Blast Adventure Mod APK 1.1.1011 [Huge Amount Of Lives]

By The Toan - 04/10/2023 (7 months ago) - 161MB
Name Lost Island: Blast Adventure
Updated On 04/10/2023
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Plarium Global Ltd
Size 161MB
Version 1.1.1011
MOD Features Unlimited Network
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Update 04/10/2023 (7 months ago )

Are you ready for a strange and exciting adventure on a mysterious island with Lost Island: Blast Adventure? You will have a journey to discover the secrets of the island. Along with that, rebuild this place from the fragments of the past. Lost Island: Blast Adventure is a long, in-depth experience game with different emotions. The game combines puzzle and building elements. Players must solve exciting puzzles and collect resources to rebuild the island. You will be participating in a journey to develop and explore strange lands. Lost Island: Blast Adventure offers a promising searching and building experience. Let’s join MODLMH on this journey! The island’s secrets and interesting friends await you.

Download Lost Island: Blast Adventure MOD APK – Solve interesting match 3 blast puzzles

Lost Island: Blast Adventure is a famous match 3 game. Solving puzzles is the main task of exploring the lost island. At the same time, it is also an opportunity for players to show their ingenuity and logical thinking. Each puzzle in Lost Island: Blast Adventure is designed from easy challenges to complex dilemmas. Players must identify groups of stones of the same color and combine them into a cluster. They will then be activated to create explosive effects and disappear. The intelligent combination of explosive rocks will help players complete their goals at each level, such as cleaning the beach, building bridges, or discovering the island’s secrets.

Decorate and restore the island villa

Players start with an old mansion. You will have to restore step by step from the beginning. Start by cleaning up all tangles and repairing damaged parts. At the same time, rebuild the necessary components of the villa. Each job requires resources such as stone, wood, and other items. Players collect them by solving exciting match 3 explosive puzzles. The villa is increasingly renovated according to your personal preferences. There are hundreds of options for furniture, patterns, colors, and styles to create an impressive home. You can arrange the rooms, gardens, and other amenities. From there, create a space that shows your personality. Decorating and restoring a villa is not just about aesthetic satisfaction. It also makes significant changes on the island, from improving amenities for the main character to creating an ideal living environment.

Meet new friends

During the journey on Lost Island: Blast Adventure, players also have the opportunity to meet and make new friends. These characters come from all over the island. They bring unique stories and create a diverse community. Each new friend you encounter has its personality and interests. From nature and animal lovers to those who study the island’s history. When interacting with them, players can hear about their previous lives and the dreams they want to fulfill on the island. This helps create a sense of connection within the game. In addition to encounters, the game offers quests and challenges you can complete with friends. These meetings bring excitement and expand opportunities for cooperation and sharing in island development. You can send and receive gifts and participate in special events. Even compete with new friends to see who can complete levels the fastest.

Explore the beach

The beach in the game is shown in detail and vividly. This creates a unique resort-like feeling. You will be fascinated by its natural beauty. Fine white sand and blue seawater make a very peaceful scene. The sky is blue, and the sunlight illuminates the beach, creating an ideal shade. While exploring the coast, players can find many types of gems and items. This makes a fun combination of beach relaxation and intellectual challenge. The beach is also a place to build amenities and entertainment areas for your island. You can create houses, cafes, and private beaches. Or even a tourist ferry to make the beach more attractive to tourists.

You will be fascinated by the beautiful graphics of Lost Island: Blast Adventure. The island is designed with bright colors. Cute animals and fascinating characters create a wonderful world you want to explore little by little. With dynamic sound and non-stop fun. Lost Island: Blast Adventure will take you on a memorable adventure. You will always want to be a part of this journey.