Mario Kart Tour 2.14.0 APK For Android
Mario Kart Tour 2.14.0 APK For Android

Mario Kart Tour 2.14.0 APK For Android

By The Toan - 07/04/2024 (1 week ago) - 127MB
Name Mario Kart Tour
Updated On 07/04/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Size 127MB
Version 2.14.0
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Update 07/04/2024 (1 week ago )

Mario Kart Tour is a classic racing game bearing the imprint of the Mario universe. In this game, players will be participating in exciting races. You control your favorite characters from the Mario world and various vehicles. The game has sharp graphics, fun sounds, and flexible gameplay. Mario Kart Tour brings players authentic speed racing experiences right on mobile phones. Players can efficiently perform operations such as drifting, throwing items, and accelerating on the touch screen. Experience racing in different locations. From the city to the jungle. Along with that is collecting items and using them to overcome opponents. Mario Kart Tour also has rich game modes to satisfy players’ preferences.

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When participating in the race, players can choose their favorite characters from the Mario world. Each has its skills. You will also choose one of the vehicles and helmets to create the optimal combination of speed. The race takes place on unique tracks, from the fun landscapes of Mushroom Kingdom to exciting areas like the desert or even a bustling city. Each track contains unique dangers, obstacles, and features. They create a racing experience that is never boring. Players will use special skills such as accelerating and sliding on curves to overcome opponents. Additionally, loot boxes appear on the track, providing valuable items. Racing in Mario Kart Tour is more than just a speed competition. It also requires players to use skill, strategy, and sophistication to overcome opponents.

Travel around the world

Mario Kart Tour allows players to explore famous locations around the world. The journey around the world takes players to different locations. From the splendid city of Paris to tropical areas in Brazil. Or even the beautiful landscapes in Tokyo. Each location has been meticulously recreated with details and character. This creates a feeling like the player is traveling and exploring the world. Each track in the world tour mode has its own identity. They reflect the cultural and architectural characteristics of the respective sites. Players will race through the crowded streets of Las Vegas. Go through the winding roads of Australia or face the challenge in the narrow streets of Rome. In addition to competing for speed, players can relax and immerse themselves in enjoying the beautiful landscape. You can enjoy the feeling of relaxation.

Powerful items

In Mario Kart Tour, collecting items is an important activity. This activity contributes to creating drama and victory in the race. Items are essential tools that help players overcome their opponents. At the same time, it also protects players and creates exciting racing scenes. The items appear as yellow loot boxes; players can collect them by driving through them. Each time a gift box is collected, the player will randomly receive an item from the game’s list. Collecting and using items needs to be done flexibly. It is the key to achieving victory in the Mario Kart Tour. Choosing when and how to use items will determine whether you can overcome your opponents and compete well in the race.


The rankings are divided into several categories, from the lowest to the highest. This is based on race completion time, score, and final finish position. Scores are accumulated from collecting coins and achieving goals in the race. The rankings are not simply a race between players. This is also an opportunity to challenge yourself. Players can see how well they completed the race compared to other players. From there, feel your progress and development. With competition every week and every season, rankings are often updated continuously. This encourages players to participate and try to achieve their best performance.

Mario Kart Tour is an exciting journey into the fun world of Mario. By bringing an actual speed racing experience to mobile phones, the game has proven its diversity and appeal through fascinating gameplay, a rich item system, and the ability to participate in exciting races. Move with friends. Mario Kart Tour will take players into races full of drama and fun. Accompany MODLMH to create unforgettable moments in the Mario world.