Merge Home Master 1.0.23 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]
Merge Home Master 1.0.23 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

Merge Home Master 1.0.23 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

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Merge Home Master is a game in object mixing and house building. The game allows players to showcase their design, creativity, and management talents. This is achieved when they build and upgrade their home through space optimization. In Merge Home Master, you will start with a small, basic house. Your task is to focus on mixing similar objects to create enhanced versions of them. As you combine objects, your house will get bigger and bigger. At the same time develop into a colorful living place. The process of mixing objects not only brings harmony and creates more utility to your home. It also helps you develop strategic and management skills. You must consider carefully mixing and arranging objects to create optimal combinations.

Merge Home Master MOD APK – Merge game

At each level of the game, you will face diverse objects, from sofas and tea tables to plants and carpets. Your task is to merge two similar objects to create their upgraded versions. When you successfully merge, the new object will have a higher value. It will contribute to creating a more beautiful and perfect living space. Unity is not only about bringing harmony to your home. It also helps you develop logical and strategic thinking skills. You need to consider carefully how to merge objects for the best combinations. The challenge of merging increases as you progress further in the game. You will need to calculate the time and position of the objects. Thereby ensuring that you get the most out of them. Harmony and creativity will decide when you merge objects in Merge Home Master.

Home design

The process of designing a house begins with the selection of essential objects to merge. Every step of consolidation contributes to the construction of your living space. In addition to merging, you can also customize the house. It is done by arranging the merged objects in space. Create separate living areas. Arrange your furniture to your liking and express your style. From living room, bedroom to office. You can create the perfect home according to your wishes. Customizing and designing the house in Merge Home Master doesn’t just create a dream living environment. It is also a way to express your personality and creativity. You will enjoy creating rest nooks, workspaces, and other areas in your home.

Meet the characters

Each character in Merge Home Master will bring their own stories, personalities, and interests. You can chat and learn about their lives. Or join them on quests to develop your home. Characters will give suggestions, advice and tell exciting stories. This makes the game more multi-dimensional. Exploring each character will help you dig deeper into the game’s world. It also creates a special bond. You can learn about their inspiration to apply to your home design. Or even merge the unique objects they suggest. Game characters are an essential part of the Merge Home Master experience. Stories and interactions with them help increase community. You will not only build a house but also connect with virtual friends.

Exciting events and rewards

During events, you can participate in quests, challenges, and activities. They are all related to the unification of the object and the design of the house. This may include completing a specific number of object merges. Reach a particular score. Or participate in house design contests. Each event will bring valuable rewards, including currency, unique objects, or rare items. Event rewards help you upgrade and grow your house faster. Accelerate object and design mixing. The event is also an opportunity for you to showcase your talents. You will participate in interactive activities with the community. Share experiences and conquer the competition to reach the top positions on the leaderboard.

Merge Home Master is not just a game about merging objects and designing houses. It’s also a fun experience with social interaction and the opportunity to participate in various activities. This game brings creativity, challenge, and fun to the players, creating a colorful and unique virtual space to explore and enjoy. Let’s join MODLMH in the virtual world of Merge Home Master and enjoy the fun every day.

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Name ID Merge Home Master
Updated On 06/06/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher DragonPlus Game Limited
Size 132MB
New version 1.0.23
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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