My Gym: Fitness Studio Manager 5.11.3336 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

My Gym: Fitness Studio Manager 5.11.3336 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

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My Gym: Fitness Studio Manager 5.11.3336 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

My Gym: Fitness Studio Manager is a fun sports management game. The game allows you to build and manage a custom gym to your liking. Become the top gym manager. You must design, build and develop a fitness facility from scratch. Also, attract and serve clients with a variety of physical goals. With sharp graphics and exciting gameplay, the game gives you an exciting experience in the fitness field. At the same time, create a healthy solid sports community.

My Gym: Fitness Studio Manager MOD APK – Build a classy gym

You will become a gym manager in My Gym: Fitness Studio Manager. This is your chance to build and customize the best exercise environment to your liking. Gamers will start by building gym facilities from scratch. Choosing the floor, space design, and interior decoration. From there, you’ll have the ability to customize different exercise zones. For example, yoga zone, cardio zone, muscle zone, and many more. All to serve the diverse training goals of customers. Not only building, but you also have to manage and develop your gym. Through the management process, you will see your gym growing stronger. My Gym: Fitness Studio Manager has brought you an innovative and diverse management experience. Simultaneously promote the growth and success of your unique gym.

Professional sports team and client management

My Gym: Fitness Studio Manager is more than just building a classy gym. The game also puts you in the role of a professional manager. You will be responsible for client and sports team management. Gamers must interact and create relationships with customers with various physical goals. This includes counseling, recommending appropriate training schedules, and tracking their progress. Listen to customer feedback. Thereby providing the best exercise experience and helping them achieve their goals. In addition, managing a professional sports team is also an important part. You must hire, train and provide development opportunities for coaches and staff. They are the ones who can ensure practical and motivating exercise sessions. The hard work and enthusiasm of the team will help create a friendly exercise environment. Promote the growth and success of the gym.

Upgrading the gym

Upgrading the gym is essential to My Gym: Fitness Studio Manager. You will have the ability to customize and upgrade various elements. This improves the customer experience and creates a quality fitness environment. You can upgrade the gym equipment. From treadmills and abs to high-functioning exercise equipment. This upgrade will help improve the customer’s workout performance. It also attracts new audiences. In addition, you can also upgrade the space and design of the gym. This creates a comfortable and creative exercise environment. Optimize exercise space and create diverse zones. For example, a yoga studio, a gym, or a steam room can appeal to different audiences.

Win contests

You will have the opportunity to participate in talent competitions and compete with other gyms. This is an opportunity to demonstrate your management ability and talent. You must design and organize special events or exercise sessions when participating in competitions. That’s how to get the judges’ attention and beat the opponent. You also need to optimize the gym space and upgrade the equipment. This is to ensure the best experience for the clients and judges. Success in competitions not only brings fame and rewards attractive rewards. It also boosts your gym’s ability to build credibility. You will create an ideal sports environment by participating in and winning competitions.

The graphics in the game bring a sense of life and excitement. This contributes to players customizing and developing their unique gym. Every gym, equipment, and area is realistically sculpted. Details include modern exercise machines, diverse interior design, and multi-functional training space. Sports icons, motivational banners. Or even funny scenes. All create the uniqueness of the exercise environment in My Gym: Fitness Studio Manager. Let’s join MODLMH as a third ear manager running your gym.

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Name ID My Gym: Fitness Studio Manager
Updated On 15/07/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Tatem Games Ltd
Size 116MB
New version 5.11.3336
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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