Pixel Blade Revolution Mod Hack APK 2.1.9 (God Mode, One Hit, Speed)
Pixel Blade Revolution Mod Hack APK 2.1.9 (God Mode, One Hit, Speed)

Pixel Blade Revolution Mod Hack APK 2.1.9 (God Mode, One Hit, Speed)

By HN - 15/02/2023
Name LMHMOD Pixel Blade Revolution
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher PixelStar Games
MOD Features God Mode, One Hit, Speed
Size 77MB
Version 2.1.9
Category Role Playing
Get It On MOD Google Play
Price FREE
Update 15/02/2023 (1 month ago )

Build gameplay with a mix of RPG offline elements. Pixel Blade Revolution Mod game opens the journey in the dark dungeon. Revolving around idle role-playing missions and combat action. Promises to open up fascinating adventures according to the selected theme. Here, play as a hero to start exploring the dungeon. Fight with many dangerous enemies to survive. Also, collect items to enhance combat ability over time. Find a way to overcome difficult challenges against a series of deadly enemies. This game uses the idle element. Make it easy for you to experience the moment you join. Same intuitive control mechanism. Incorporate 3D pixel-style graphics. With sharp image quality.

Download Pixel Blade Revolution Mod – Dungeon Exploration Battle

Explore the dungeons of Pixel Blade Revolution Mod with many different locations. A series of combat missions take place on each level. Role-play as an armed hero. Enter the dungeon to join the battle against the monsters. Each level of play will be divided into several areas. After wiping out enemies in a match will continue to move forward. Go deeper to get ready for the battle in the next area. Repeat this until the final match. Face off against a monster boss with overwhelming power. Overcome the challenges in each stage and defeat the boss. From there will end a fight to complete the mission. Based on that will receive many valuable loot and bonuses, and leveling experience.Game Pixel Blade Revolution Mod

Open gameplay, idle feature

The course of the battle in Pixel Blade Revolution Mod. Open play is used so that the hero can perform freely. Unlimited moves, fight in your own style. Use versatile attack skills to defeat enemies. Those were dangerous monsters in the dungeon. They will rush to attack as soon as they recognize the appearance of the hero. In time fight against large numbers of fearsome enemies. You can use the idle feature provided by the system. Through the action of turning on the Auto mode, the hero attacks automatically. By moving and using skills controlled by AI. Then there will be no need to intervene or perform any support. Just keep an eye on the hero’s activities going on in the dungeon.Ear Pixel Blade Revolution Mod

Multiple hero classes with different types of weapons

Come to Pixel Blade Revolution Mod to role-play as a hero. Here, are a lot of different hero classes for you to explore. They were all powerful warriors, able to participate in dungeons. But will attack in a unique style. Depending on the type of weapon equipped will change the way of fighting. For example, equip a bow to become an archer. Shoots sharp arrows from long distances. Or equip dual swords to transform into a warrior. With flexibility in close combat. Easily kill multiple enemies at once, when surrounded by them. Besides, there are many different weapons to change the hero’s attack ability. In addition to the above character classes, it is also possible to become an assassin, mage, or knight.Download Pixel Blade Revolution Mod

Upgrade power, equipment

Each hero in Pixel Blade Revolution Mod has its own parameters. Expressed in attack power, is the ability to deal damage. Defense, max health, and skill casting speed with precision. Along with that is a unique set of attack techniques. But need to unlock each level in turn. Through winning get experience points level up. Gradually can unlock all skills for diverse combat. Besides, there are different items that can be equipped. Includes costume, shoes, gloves, defensive shield, helmet, and necklace. Especially when reaching a certain level. Heroes will be unlocked with new abilities. Through the equipment learn the book of strength, in order to improve combat power.Pixel Blade Revolution Mod

Similar to the hero’s fighting ability can be varied. The power of the monsters is also shown in its own way. In the dungeon battle at Pixel Blade Revolution Mod. Enemies are equipped with various weapons. That means they have the ability to fight the difference. Can attack melee by dashing. Or fight from a distance, using bows or darts. Especially in the boss battle is a very difficult challenge. Because the boss not only possesses a large amount of blood and huge size. The attack and defense power is also superior.

Download Pixel Blade Revolution Hack APK 2.1.9 Android

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