Ragdoll Turbo Dismount 1.99 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money and gems]
Ragdoll Turbo Dismount 1.99 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money and gems]

Ragdoll Turbo Dismount 1.99 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money and gems]

By The Toan - 08/04/2024 (1 week ago) - 56MB
Name Ragdoll Turbo Dismount
Updated On 08/04/2024
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher Herald Studio
Size 56MB
Version 1.99
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited money and gems
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Update 08/04/2024 (1 week ago )

Build ragdoll smash-style gameplay and stickman character genre mix. The game Ragdoll Turbo Dismount opens many different levels. Along with a lot of interesting tasks that need to be done. The content of the game revolves around activities that cause as much impact as possible. Recreate stunts in different forms. Possible fractures on parts of the body. Or hit the wall resulting in blood loss. Even more interesting, instead of using dummies to recreate the action. Here, the game uses stickman characters to take all damage from dangerous activities. This will bring novelty to every player participating. At the same time, it should be noted, that do not attempt to perform in-game activities in real life.

Download Ragdoll Turbo Dismount MOD APK – Damage Stickman Characters With Impact

Ragdoll Turbo Dismount is an offline game. Does not require a network connection and can still experience it. In particular, can be played completely for free. Use a unique featured currency for transactions. When participating, you will be given many different tasks. Revolving around the activity of creating stunts on stickman characters. With a diverse mission system waiting ahead. For example, breaking 180 bones in the whole body. Cause the stickman character to break 20 leg bones. Further the hand bones are in the specified amount. There are many other missions that will be opened one after another after completion. Each mission will need to go through many levels to be able to finish. Based on that will receive the corresponding reward. Then use to trade and unlock many new features.Ragdoll Turbo Dismount

Exciting missions, achievement scores

The mission system of Ragdoll Turbo Dismount is very diverse. Accordingly, many different game screens will be opened. There is no limit to the number of entries, and there is no increasing difficulty. Instead, simply subject the stickman character to dangerous bumps. Through the act of jumping from above an elevated place to below. From there will collide with many different types of terrain and hazards. Deals damage by repeatedly bumping for as long as possible. The achievement of each level is shown by the score. Based on different parameters reproduce your actions at a level. From there will get the number of crystals, that correspond to the achievement achieved. Also will receive more after completing an unfinished task.Game Ragdoll Turbo Dismount

Many dangers

After each level, the game ends and continues to a new level. The terrain of Ragdoll Turbo Dismount will be changed. With more complexity in terms of hazards, as well as the design of the terrain. This keeps you motivated to take action. Through it, there will be many dangerous objects such as saw blades, columns that automatically go up and down, and explosive bombs. Each type will create a separate hazard to damage the stickman character. For example, the column will automatically push up and down to change the way it hits. The saw blade not only rotates to deal damage, but it can also even cut off a part if exposed for a long time. Or the explosive bomb will create a hugely destructive force on the stickman’s body. There are many other dangers to be discovered after joining the game.Ear Ragdoll Turbo Dismount

Use crystals to unlock vehicles

Go through many rambling levels of Ragdoll Turbo Dismount. Complete the given tasks. As well as achieving high achievements in each execution, dealing damage to stickman characters. From there will accumulate a large number of crystals. Can be used to purchase various vehicles in the game store. There are skates, supermarket trolleys, industrial trolleys, wheelchairs for the injured, and seats. There are many other types of vehicles waiting to be discovered. Each type will require a different amount. After using the accumulated crystals to buy. They can be used in later turns. Rely on the advantage they bring to create a more intense impact. Then there will be a chance to receive a large number of valuable crystals.Download Ragdoll Turbo Dismount

MOD Feature of Ragdoll Turbo Dismount

  • MOD Menu
  • Huge Amount Of Money and gems

Before taking action in a level of Ragdoll Turbo Dismount. You can use the provided tools to change the position of the stickman character. Can stand to jump down, hands on the ground, there are many other styles. Depending on the type of vehicle or not using them. There will be many ways to make changes. When everything is ready, press and hold the start button. Then release your hand to create a thrust, causing the character to jump down. That process will not be able to interfere, being monitored for ongoing collision phases.